Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss 4 becomes almost Miss 5

The fancy lanterns that I threw up a the last minute
Well Miss 4 is only a few days out now from being Miss 5 and to celebrate we had a handful of her little friends over to celebrate with her on the weekend. In typical Kylee style, I had so many fancy things planned. It was going to be a My Little Pony Spectacular. Then one stupid sandwich at a cafe threw a spanner in the works by giving me a ripper case of food poisoning. So from Wednesday right up until the morning of the party I was still really sick. So all those important preparations, out the window :(

Ok, not at impressive as Pinterest, but it'll do
The day before the party I was seriously thinking about just cancelling the whole thing but Miss 4 had been counting down the days for weeks and would be heartbroken so I pushed on.

Luckily I had a boost of energy on the morning and I also had an awesome best friend who pulled out all stops at the last minute we managed to pull off a day that Miss 4 just loved. Maybe not the My Little Pony Spectacular I had in my mind, but spectacular in Miss 4's eyes all the same.

Sick or not, there was still time for these
And of course since I seem to be jinxed, I was handed another curveball when I whipped out my phone to find that the focus was no longer working on the camera. I could take close ups, but that was it. So I grabbed the trusty old bulky camera. Trying to run a party and take pics with a bulky camera around your neck means that something's goning to give and really, I'd much rather Miss 4 enjoy the day than me worry about photos. So there are very few and they were quick shots and unfortunately they're not that great. But hey, at least we have some to look back on.

The kids moved that quick, I couldn't even get an unspoilt shot
Everyone loves a chocolate crackle
The "smile" you get when you ask for a "proper" smile
With her BFF
The terrible trio
Supposedly you get a better shot of the t-shirt if you poke your stomach out like so
Oh and that wonderful polka dot cake I was bragging all over the place about. Yeah, too sick to attempt it. So ice cream it was. After all, who doesn't love ice cream.
All in for a photo

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