Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 2 {Shifting a little weight}

This week I didn't stick to the 800 calories per day. At first I was annoyed with myself, but I got over it pretty quickly. I figure that I have to live a balanced life, so I'm sticking to the meal plan...mostly.

The key for me is to make better choices. For example, had a work meeting on Friday. Lunch was at Schnitz. Now I love Schnitz. I mean LOVE. But this time I got a kids meal. Best of both words. Made a better choice - still ate Schnitz. Saturday we had a family get together for my nieces birthday which spilled on over into dinner. Pizza was ordered. I went and bought a can of tuna and a prepackaged supermarket garden salad and quite happily ate that. Did you read that? QUITE HAPPILY!! Who have I become??? LOL

Anyway, week 2's results were quite abysmal but a loss is a loss (even if it is only 500gms).
Onwards and downwards.

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