Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lighting it up Blue : So proud of what we achieved

Thank You
If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I've been banging on about Light it up Blue for a while now and all of that harping has now come to fruition. What I hadn't made a big deal about was the work that my fellow employees had put into Autism Awareness Day. 

Now firstly let me begin by saying that I'm not posting this to get pats on the back, my role in this was but small. It was the people that got behind the cause that have inspired me to write this thank you.

In the lead up to Autism Awareness day, I had put a proposal through to my employers asking that we could do some type of fundraising to highlight the day. Now my initial ideas were quite basic and after a bit of talking blew into something quite extravagant and we researched what we could do in such a small time frame (which was only two weeks). Turns out that two weeks isn't a lot of time to put together a big fundraising campaign that's trans pacific. So the big extravagant ideas have been put on the back burner...for 12 months. If you think I spruiked Light it up Blue this year, bring on 2014 when we are taking it to a huge level. 

But anyway, back to 2013. This year we ran with all the stores in Victoria Lighting it up Blue by wearing blue and making gold coin donations. While it only sound like something small, in the time frame this was organised I cannot believe how many wonderful people got behind this cause not only by donning the blue and explaining why but financially. As the donations start coming in from stores, I'm very humbled by the amount some stores have collected. All monies collected are being donated to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). 

Here are some pics of the wonderful people who lit it up blue:

 Thank you PP Northland

 Thank you PP Broadmeadows and Charlie and Me Highpoint

 Thank you PP Mildura and PP Northland

 Thank you PP Point Cook and PP Geelong

To my team at Werribee, thank you for getting behind me with everything.

And lastly, thank you to the powers that be at Pumpkin Patch for allowing this little venture to go ahead. Bring on a bigger and better Light it up Blue in 2014.

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