Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aussie curves: Tremendous Texture

Well it's the third week in and I'm getting in early this time rather than running around like an idiot at the last minute. This week I've lashed out and had to take some selfies since Mr 8 and 9 had much better things to do on the school holidays than take pics of their Mummy. I did manage to convince Miss 4 to help out a little but in typical four year old fashion it was 1 pic of Mummy and 4 pics of My Little Ponies and so on. So selfies it was. I started off all self conscious, you know the whole serious face stuff then I thought "screw it", I'm gonna have some fun. So all these crazy poses came out, I was loving it. I was loving the camera. The camera was loving me. The kids where laughing, I was laughing. So after eleventy billion photos, I'm still not quite ready to release the whole crazy inner goddess I have no hangups shit (because let's face it, I'm nowhere near putting that shit out there yet), but here's a few that I am willing to show.
 So this week is texture. I thought long and hard about this and went through my wardrobe too many times to count trying to work out what to use. I found a few interesting textured things, but I also have some ideas for future challenges so I need to hang on to some of them for another time. I did find a sequined top/tunic thingy that I've only worn one before. This one has a sequined layer with a draped layer over the top so it's a real mix of soft, scratchy and sparkly fabrics.
In case you can't guess from the angle, this pic was brought to you by Miss 4. You can't really see the sequins in this pic, but I assure you they're there. 

And now for a smidge of selfie. I got the kids to pick their favorite one each.

 Earrings : Equip
Top/Tunic : Crossroads 2011
Dress (worn as skirt) : Myer BIB approx1995
(Can't believe I just put out there that I've had a dress in my cupboard for almost 20 years)
Bracelets : Diva & Equip
Shoes : Wittner 2011

Care to check out what textures the other Aussie Curves chicks are wearing:


  1. You look great! This outfit is so classic and lovely.

    Loving the tale about the camera prancing. Goodness do I hear you loud and clear on that one. You really do just have to let go and laugh at it all.