Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 4 {Shifting a little weight}

Last week I didn't bother posting. Not because I didn't loose any weight, I did. But because it would've been the same old, same old - ate carbs for breakfast, dranks water, ate a ton of salad etc etc.

Today though, I'm posting because I've hit my first mini milestone...
5kgs GONE!!
Forever. Bye bye Fillipe.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 2 {Shifting a little weight}

This week I didn't stick to the 800 calories per day. At first I was annoyed with myself, but I got over it pretty quickly. I figure that I have to live a balanced life, so I'm sticking to the meal plan...mostly.

The key for me is to make better choices. For example, had a work meeting on Friday. Lunch was at Schnitz. Now I love Schnitz. I mean LOVE. But this time I got a kids meal. Best of both words. Made a better choice - still ate Schnitz. Saturday we had a family get together for my nieces birthday which spilled on over into dinner. Pizza was ordered. I went and bought a can of tuna and a prepackaged supermarket garden salad and quite happily ate that. Did you read that? QUITE HAPPILY!! Who have I become??? LOL

Anyway, week 2's results were quite abysmal but a loss is a loss (even if it is only 500gms).
Onwards and downwards.

The big week 1 weigh in {Shifting a little weight}

Surprisingly this week was much easier than I anticipated. Everyone knows how that first week is just shit - headaches, tiredness, grumpiness and the fact that your so friggin hungry but I wasn't too bad (or at least I don't think I was LOL).

The only thing that did annoy me was salad. Really a person can only eat so much salad. And yeah I know I could've eaten vegetables but it's been hot this week - as in ridiculously hot for a Melbourne October - so you don't want hot food. By the weekend I was well and truly over lettuce but I had an empty fridge and a house full of kids (mine and other peoples) so there was no way in hell I was taking the troops to the supermarket. Cue bland salad.
It's all so brown and green. Yep bland.

Every day I've been doing a sneaky weigh in just to see what's going on. I know I shouldn't. I think everyone trying to lose weight knows they shouldn't but everyone does it. The great news is that I've had consistent weight loss - more than I expected. As of Saturday morning I was sitting on 118.1kgs.

Then Saturday night happened. I know the whole concept of cheat days, but when you're on a liver cleansing diet and your cheat day is focussed on the copious amounts of alcohol that you're planning on consuming at your best friends 40th it kind of defeats the purpose of the hard work you've put in all week. That said, you only turn forty once so I was going to celebrate regardless with the mindset of think of the kilos lost prior as saving myself from gaining in alcohol consumption.

I have to say that I'm impressed with my willpower. Usually alcohol equals copious amounts of biscuits, cheeses, cabana, dips, party pies, samosas - really whatever is on hand. I actually made a mental note of what I was eating (keep in mind I did eat a salmon salad for dinner prior): 2 party pies, 2 cocktail spring rolls, 1 crab ball thingy, 2 curry puffs, 2 little pieces of cabana and a small handful of Doritos.  I was tempted to add up all the calories just to freak myself out but what's the point really? I had a fabulous time, my best friend had a fabulous time and that's all that matters.

After the party I woke up wanting the biggest greasiest Maccas breakfast ever to combat the throbbing head and empty stomach feeling but a boiled egg and piece of multigrain toast it was. Straight back on the band wagon. Vegies and chicken for lunch and chicken salad for dinner (just for something different lol).

Weigh in morning was today and surprisingly I didn't do as much damage as I expected on Saturday night.

Starting weight:  121.9kgs
Current weight: 118.6
Loss to date: 3.3kg

Onwards and downwards.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Time to shift a little weight

During yet another post hiatus I made the decision that I'm too fat. Harsh but true. I'm all for body positive and loving your curves, but truth be told my body is just a little too old for all this extra weight I'm lugging around. I'm sick of aching joints, I'm sick of being out of breath (just walking upstairs in my own house is a struggle - embarrassing but true), I'm sick of feeling like I'm 80. I think I finally hit rock bottom when I realised that tying my own damn shoelaces was an effort. How ridiculous, I'm 42 years old and my 12 year old said "I can do it for you Mum".

So I'm putting it out there. I really don't care how many or few people see this, it's more making myself accountable in my own headspace. Yesterday I weighed in at 121.9kgs. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about that number - it is what it is, but on my 161cm frame it's not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.

Yesterday marked the start of a kickstart diet. You know the very low calorie ones (VLCD), only I'm not doing shakes but doing the alternative meal plan to Optifast (approx 800 cal per day). I know there is going to be people who say that this diet is bad, wrong, unhealthy etc - but keep it to yourself. Let me tell you, nobody knows diets better than a fat chick so I don't want to hear your well intentioned advice. Just humour me ok. And if I complain - feel free to tell me to STFU.

At work it's it's not easy. I'm not usually a breakfast eater and I leave too early in the morning to comfortably eat beforehand. So I came up with a novel way to get a decent breakfast in. Toast made in the sandwich press (yes it was ridiculously flat - but hey it toasted) and a boiled egg that I'd cooked the night before peeled chopped and heated in the microwave.
Keeping it classy at work
Home is much easier but the temptation to snack is much higher. I've drank a ton of water today just so I wouldn't eat anything extra. At home at least my meals look much better.
This photo is instagram worthy at least
I'm off to hit publish now before I change my mind about this post. Will be back on Monday with week 1's weigh in.

Monday, March 2, 2015

{2015 Challenge} Meal Plan March

So that's one month done and dusted of my 2015 challenges. 

Feb was tough - No fried food. 

I really didn't realise how tough it would be because if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it properly.  I had to endure two Fridays of the the husband and kids eating fish and chips in front of me. I survived with my roast chicken and salad - and I actually enjoyed it. There was so many things that I just didn't think about. I went out for dinner and the pasta dish sounded great - nope - pan FRIED gnocchi. So second choice, Nasi Goreng - NOPE - essentially FRIED rice. I even did a Maccas breakfast run and almost ate a hash brown before my brain kicked in (I blame the lack of coffee that morning). I was pretty proud of the fact that I threw the hash brown out without a single bite. 

So all in all I will admit to one digression - I ate two KFC nuggets. Yes, it was bad. Yes, I'm disappointed that I couldn't control myself for a measly four weeks but that doesn't take away from all of the willpower I showed earlier. And you know what, the whole point of the challenge was lifestyle change and what I got out of it is that I enjoyed not eating so much grease. Friday night fish and chips begone...well sometimes...it's all about moderation.

Moving on to March - It's all about 
Now I'm not crazy. There is no way in hell that I'd be able to meal plan for a whole Month in advance, so I'm going week by week. The whole point of the Meal Planning challenge was to stop all those daily trips to the supermarket. We are not big grocery shoppers - we usually fly by the seat of our pants on deciding on the day what we are having. (Actually I lie - the current house rule set by the kids in Monday Mexican and Wednesday Spaghetti. I can work with them). We spend way too much on groceries this way - it's just too easy to make impulse buys. We are still going to have to get the basics like milk and bread every 2-3 days but at least it's better than going to the supermarket DAILY. 

So welcome to March and Mexican Monday's menu this week as referenced by the above photo - Chilli Con Carne. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

{2015 Challenge} No fried food Feb

Three weeks down on the no fried food challenge and I have to say I'm impressed by how easy it was. Note the past tense...WAS.

Everything was going hunky dory. I managed to survive 2 Fish and Chip Friday's relatively unscathed. I even was the one who picked up dinner on the way home. With no one in the car I could've easily snaffled some chips and no one would know, but no. I grabbed a roast chicken and ate it with a salad...and enjoyed it I might add. 

But then this week happened. I worked a few long days, I ran around on my day off and didn't really relax at all. I was just exhausted and I caved.

I picked up one of those bargain packs of 24 KFC nuggets for $10 and some chips and potato cakes for the family. I had no ideas on what I was going to eat. Not planning had let me down. In a last minute attempt at salvation, I got myself some coleslaw from KFC and ate it with a whole 2 nuggets. Yep that's it. Two. But it's two too many. 

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. After all, this was never meant to be a diet but more a lifestyle change of sorts. And to be honest, I've enjoyed eating the chicken and salad. I've enjoyed making better choices all round. I've taken lunch to work every day this week and have been eating more fruit and drinking more water. 

So I've moved on and here's to a new week. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mood Board Monday {The Bandwagon}

KMart bandwagon that is.

So it seems that Kmart dropped a new homewares catalogue a little over a week ago and everybody lost their minds. Last weekend I prepared a whole blog post about it but kinda accidentally saved it instead of publishing it. Of course as Murphy's Law would have it, this week I've seen a ton of blog posts about the same catalogue. So I wasn't going to repost this at all.

Instead I've deleted all the fabulous pics I'd collected and have instead given you my wish list.
What's on yours?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The late Claytons New Years Resolution

Every year, like almost everyone else in the world, I make the same lame new years resolutions. You know the ones:

  • Lose weight
  • Walk every day
  • Drink more water
  • Drink less alcohol
I'm rolling my eyes at them to be honest because I know that come maybe March-ish I've already completely wiped them from my mind. So this year I've opted for a different tact. This year again it's about setting myself some goals but in smaller time frames and things to really make me think about my lifestyle and the effects it has on my family  in general.

This is my challenge:

Yeah, yeah I know January is missing but as a general rule January is a write off in our household - we have school holidays, holiday program, both the husband and I work long hours in retail and to add to this year we've been stressed out about my mother in laws recent cancer diagnosis. So yeah, January - no go. As for the other months, here's a run down of what they mean.