Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While the husband's away, the wifey will play - Day 1

So pretty much bang on 24 hours ago, I walked away from the airport with 2 hysterical children and the third one who I suspect may have some sort of narcissistic complex going on as he found his siblings crying so amusing. So yeah, that was fun.

The night started nicely enough with dinner with friends before heading off for the husband and the son of some friends to catch their flight (for those not in the know, he's jetsetting to India for a Wedding).  It was all downhill from there. Check in took almost an hour and a half. Try amusing 3 tired kids in International departures. Honestly you can really only look at good ol' Aussie souveniers like Sheeps Placenta in a tube for so long. So Daddy checks in, comes back to us and it's all smiles and hugs. Then the reality hits in of what's happening.

 So eventually I'm free of the airport and the crying quietens down to snivelling, so me, in my wisdom, decided to distract the kids I'll open the sunroof. So I say "Hey guys, have a look at all the stars and the moon (it was a full moon) and see if you can see any planes". Cue hysterical crying again because I said "planes" and planes remind Mr 9 that Daddy has gone away. Sigh. Was a long drive home.

So after having to endure all of that last night I decided that I needed some pampering today. So today we had PJ day...all freakin day. I'm still in my PJs as I type. How awesome is that? Bogan, but awesome. I've also decided to reward myself with a few other things.

See this crap on the bench left over from dinner. Yeah well it's after midnight and it's still sitting there. Take that anally retentive husband.

And see this bed. I'm gonna sleep on the right. Actually screw it, I'm sleeping sideways right across the whole damn thing. And no children allowed. It's mine, all mine. Mwhahahhahhahaha.

A girl could get used to having no husband around. :P

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