Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aussie Curves : Romantic Ruffles

What can be more romantic than layers of a rose printed floaty, dreamy, chiffon material? A lot. Me, I'm not one for the soft romantic look but I did love this top as soon as I spied it. So in typical Kylee fashion, the romanticness (is that even a word?) was played down by a blazer, some skinny jeans and my current most favorite shoes, the militaryish style boots.

Here's one I took earlier when I was figuring out what to wear and the quickie bathroom shot I took as I was running out the door...late as usual. 

Jacket : City Chic Boyfriend Blazer
Top : City Chic Floral Garden Strappy Top
Bangles : Lovisa or maybe Equip

And since they're not in the pic, here's my boots. I am in all kinds of love with them. They are soooooo comfy and at $30 a pop on sale, I'm thinking of getting another pair for when these ones finally die.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aussie Curves : Oversized, Undersized, Doesn't Matter

This is the post that I didn't think I'd make it in for since I'm currently overseas. Yes peeps, while you're freezing your curves off Im here basking in the 29 degree heat in Bali. Haters gonna hate :P So let's apologise in advance for any formatting issues since this is my first mobile post.

Anyway...oversized. Let me begin by saying Im not a fan of oversized clothing on me. But I used to be. Everything was big and baggy trying to cover up all the lumps and bumps. I don't know who I was trying to kid because really all I was doing was looking like I was wearing Muumuus (as the husband so delicately pointed out one day) which do nothing for figure accentuating. For years the husband had been telling me to wear more figure hugging clothes but I was ashamed/embarrassed that people would see how fat I really was. Again, who was I kidding. But then I found Aussie Curves and really my life changed.

So usually I'm shouting from the rooftops "I'm 40, fat and proud and I don't have a problem with it so neither should you" but today for the sake of a challenge I'm donning a Muumuu again. This one courtesy of a tiny Bali stall. I actually liked the dress when I bought it and put it on for the first time to take the photos and thought "what the hell was I thinking?" So this baby won't probably never see the light of day again but for $7 I can handle that. 

I am wearing an oversize hat though and thats  gotta account for something right?

See, even the look on my face says "Oh no way man, what are you doing".

Now the hat I like. It's an oldie but a goodie. I can even squish it up in my suitcase and it springs  back to life. Please excuse the bad hair and sans make up, it's Bali remember...this is as good as it gets.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aussie Curves : Chaotic Color Clash

So for those not in the know, I'm really time poor right now. Work is crazy busy thanks to Victorian school holidays and great bargains, the kids are keeping me on my toes with a bout of vomiting and I'm jet setting overseas on Monday.

So, with that in mind (and the fact that I was standing looking at my wardrobe for far too long that I care to mention scratching my head) I'm going on a trip down memory lane to bring you this weeks Aussie Curves theme.

But firstly, I invite you to step into my Delorean and go back, way back in time.

 Back in time where it seems that clashing colors are all the rage. Either that or my parents were extremely color blind, unfashionable, or just plain cruel. Back in time where little girls looked suspiciously like boys. Back in time where pretty much every single child had a kindergarden photo that looked just like this:
Oh yeah. Plaid yellow and brown pants, bottle green track suit tops and red leather shoes. 
Color clash FTW.