Sunday, March 31, 2013

Runnin the Relay

For the last couple of years one of the husbands workmates has organised a company team to participate in Relay for Life. For anyone who doesn't know what Relay for Life is, from humble beginnings (we're talking one lone man running an oval for 24 hours and raising a staggering $27,000 for his local cancer charity), it has grown into a global event with monies raised going to cancer charities across the world (in Australia this charity is the Cancer Council).

So we do this as a family event and we we're all out in force last week.  All of us enter (yes even Miss 4) and have a great family day. Unfortunatly due to comittments we couldn't get there until 7pm this year but we still pulled a fair few laps all the while my kids made sure they kept fueling the donation tins but eating stalls out of house and home (I swear you would think I never feed these kids). It's a great family friendly event. Many of the individual stalls are run by school students. Little things like face painting for $3 or fingernail painting for $2 or massages for $5. My kids enjoy going every year and understand very well the concept of what we're raising money for (although Miss 4 only on a very basic level).

After all the fun and games of the night, the candle lighting ceremony is very poignant and moving. For those that know me I post what looks like the same photo every single year (trust me, I do take a new one each relay), but it honestly brings tears to my eyes and I have to share.While all the oval lights are still off, the speeches finish and the crowds move off to do a slow lap of remembrance, the sheer cliff face lights with the one word that symbolises why we are are all doing laps around this oval.

Not only did I have two special people I lit candles for (love you forever Nanna) and the gorgeous Miss Ella, but I also purchased two candles and lit them with no specific names on them. Instead they were lit for everyone who has been touched by this insidious disease in one way or another. The white candles are for those fighting or who have fought the battle of their lives. Keep fighting, we're behind you all the way.
The brown candles are for remembrance. Rest in peace sweet Angels knowing that events like today are raising funds for research so that maybe one day no one will ever need to endure your pain.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are you up for the challenge?

Photo challenge that is. Just to add to my all about me year, I thought I'd jump ship and join in the Confident You photo challenge over at Suger Coat It. Anyone else coming along for the ride?

I'm counting down the days until we start...4 more sleeps. Bring it on.
This month will be completed.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aussie Cuves - Bodacious Bodycon

This was the post that almost wasn't. Firstly I'll admit to feeling more eeekkkk about this week than Swimwear week and secondly what the hell was I going to wear??? 

So today I spent the best part of 40 minutes pulling things in and out of the wardrobe and drawers trying to get together an outfit that I would be confident enough to pull off.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz, no deal. Zip. Nada. Nothing. I had one dress that I briefly considered but my hate of the mummy pouch got in the way. Not going to happen.

So I admitted defeat. This week I was out. I started planning out in my head what I was going to write to excuse myself and instead had a brainwave. I remembered that I took some sneaky cam change room pics when I was unsure of whether to buy a peplum dress. Sneaky cam pics were still on phone (gotta love iCloud). Only problem is that being I was only taking pics for opinions of the dress on me, I have no head in the pics. So you'll have to imagine my noggin smiling back at you. Actually, no you don't. Thanks photoshop.
Dress : City Chick
Leggings : KMart
Shoes : Ruby
Accessories : The trusty iPhone
Disclaimer : The leggings and shoes were just cause I was too lazy to take them off when trying this on whilst on my lunch break
Oh and FYI, I got the black...with the purple love.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aussie Curves - Mellow Yellow

Let me preface this by saying that I was planning on calling this one "Anything but Mellow Yellow" but to be perfectly honest my mood and my health isn't particularly stellar so I'm feeling really flat...mellow really. Even getting together an outfit for this left me just going "Blah, that'll do." So not me usually, but oh well. 

I did have every intention of getting this one up and running early. Last Tues on my day off I had the plan to do a lap of the numerous thrift stores in the area to scout out anything yellow and ideas for future weeks. That plan was thwarted when I copped a call for the big boss asking me to do some ground work for her on something exciting I was trying to get off the ground (but I'll save that news for a future post). So I saw one store...who had no yellow plus size or accessories. Dagnamit. 

So I bring you my rushed together (ie: quick the linky closes tonight) pics of "Yellow." 
Yeah well that ombre look isn't really rocking it, but it's all you're gettin this week.

Am big time LOLing at this photo. I swear I look constipated. I didn't realise how bad it was until I uploaded it.  
Meh, really I'm not vain enough to care. Well I am but that's all I got. 
Oh and P.S. If you look REALLY closely at the bangle you can see me giving you a smile in the reflection.

Scarf : Valley Girl
Tee : City Chic (from that long ago that it's tagged Big City Chic)
Bangle : Diva

Since it's so late in the week, I've already read through all the sunshiney yellow posts from all the other curvy chicks. Have a read, trust me they're way more enthused than I am about yellow.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aussie Curves - Mighty Military

I'm sure people have noticed that I have a bit of a penchant for posting song lyrics, so while researching for the Military theme I came across I song that I've always loved even though it's old and just a tad twee. Then because random thoughts link to another I ended up reliving the nineties watching the Doug Anthony Allstars performing this song. So as wrong and politically incorrect it is, it was the 90's and I used to watch these guys religiously on The Big Gig then their own show DAAS Kapital.
So I'm sharing.


So anyway, back to the topic at hand. I was just a tad stumped by the Military theme until I did a quick run to a local Op-Shop and picked up this awesome jacket. I REALLY like and will definitely wear it again. So once I had the jacket, the whole thing fell into place...even the sunnies have a camo print on the arms.

 Hat : Big W
Sunglasses : Factorie
Beaded Necklaces : Gifted (unknown)
Dog Tag Necklace : Factorie
Singlet Top : MODA for Target
Tunic : Crossroads
Leggings : MODA for Target
Boots (not in pic) : Rivers

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aussie Curves - Racy Retro

After being sick for a while I ended up having a quick hospital jaunt, so I'm not only pushed for time, but too under the weather to even attempt this weeks Retro theme. Is probably not such a bad thing though, since I really don't think I would find too much retro inspired stuff in my cupboard.

So this week I've not only taken the cheats way out by using Polyvore, but I've taken liberties with the imaginary credit card and hit the stores up in a big way with my retro inspired neon/fluro theme.  Enjoy.

Aussie curves retro

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Polly Dolly Week 4 : Now Boarding

Buckle up and hang on for the ride of your life as Polly gets airborne.

Okay, slightly dramatic but this week's theme is Now Boarding. I've never done a long haul flight. The longest I've done was abut 4ish hours (mind you I had a 14 month old strapped to me, so yeah I guess you could call it long haul). Anyway, so I'm going all imaginative here and figuring cool and comfortable is the way to go.
Polly Dolly - Now Boarding

Every Wednesday Neysha will post a new Polly Dolly Theme Challenge. For those of you who haven't played before all you have to do is create a Polyvore account and get creative! 

You can tell us what items you have used or add a bit of an explanation for what you chose, create a story or you can just share your creative style boards! It's all up to you! When you’re done creating your dream look and maxing out your imaginary credit cards, simply just add your link below my polly post using your blogs name as the “title” and a direct link to the specific blog post, then thats it! Don't have a blog? thats okay you can always post the image of your style board to the {TSL} Facebook

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