Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello Melbourne Aussie Curvers

Yesterday after traipsing my ass all over my beautiful city, (here's the proof, not only of the city but the amount of bloody walking I did --> ) 
I finally found my way to the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden in the Botanical Gardens for a catch up with the Melbourne contingent of Aussie Curves.

These gardens are absolutely stunning. I'd flash around some photos but I won't do them justice. Instead I'll leave that to Jeanie over on her blog since she's the photographer extraordinaire. They're surrounded by a hedge with a gorgeous grotto in the middle, have lush lawns and beautiful garden edges. I really don't think we could have found a more serene spot if we tried, probably could have found a dryer spot (hello wet bums) but it was worth it.

Melbourne turned on spectacular weather for us and we all sat in the shade with a warm breeze and talked and talked. It was wonderful to meet Jeanie, Omega, Kerry and Ally. In the past I used to be quite anxious about meeting new people, especially from anything online, but I felt really calm about the whole thing. The conversation flowed quite naturally and it was a shame when I had to leave.

Hope you all enjoyed the catch up as much as I did and I'll so be in on a cocktail bar for the next one.

P.S. Here are the offending Ritz crackers sitting happily on my front seat. I gave them stink eye the whole way home.

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