Monday, August 26, 2013

Mood Board Monday {Geometric}

Welcome to Week 2 of:

As soon as I saw Geometric, I knew what my base piece would be. Recently Suger over at Suger Coat It, posted a gorgeous new rug she bought and ever since I've been lusting over it. My lust is made worse by the fact that it just wouldn't suit my house but for MBM it's on.
Mood Board Monday - Geometric
All of these items can be easily sourced for your own pad. 
  1. Lappljung Ruta - Ikea
  2.  Arc chrome floor lamp kit with chrome shade - Beacon Lighting 
  3. Karlsfors - Ikea
  4. Triangles (red) cushion cover by White Horse Home - Down that little lane
  5. Black and white geometrical scallop cushion cover - Down that little lane
  6. Pyramid brights - Adairs
  7. Strind - Ikea 
  8. Cow skull with fabric wrapped horns - Hard to find

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting my Susie on : Cake of Win

Anyone see that pic I posted on Fb of the ice cream cake that was just awesome?
If not, here's a refresher.

So because biting off more than I can chew is how I roll, I was determined I could and would make this cake. Next time I'm buying one of those Peters ones because by the time I'd bought the fifty billion Kit Kats and two 2lt tubs of icecream I'd spent double what an ice cream cake costs and that doesn't even include the time spend making the damn thing. See the crazy shit that Mummy guilt makes you do?

So this is how it went down.

 Two very happy little boys. Mummy guilt, all worthwhile.

Come on, you gotta admit, it did look all kinds of awesome.

Aussie Curves : Worthy Work

Of all weeks to do a work challenge, this was an unusual one for me.
Most days are the same day in, day out so my work attire doesn't really change too much. Our dress code is black and white (and a color of the season that each individual store chooses) and business casual. So tailored pants and a nice top and cardi are usually the go.

But this week was out of the ordinary. Firstly we had stocktake which is about a 14 hour day and it's casual clothes. Comfortable clothes. So jeans, hoodie, t-shirt and cons was the go. So casual, that I forgot to take a pic in fact. Oops. Then we had a managers meeting. And not just your run of the mill meeting, this one was a special by invite only Rainbow Theme, think like a kid fancy dress meeting. Yeah, so not in my comfort zone but what the hell, if there is anything I've learnt from Aussie Curves, it's embrace something different. So embrace I did.

Oh and a PS, if you are worried that I'm looking rather serious and almost makeupless for the start of a workday it's because they're taken at the end of each day by a five year old...who was not so happy about being the photographer.

So here's to the working week:

Cardigan : MODA for Target
Top : City Chic
Tank : K Mart
Pants : Avella for Big W
Shoes : Ruby Shoes


Top : City Chic
Bangle : Thrifted
Pants : Avella for Big W
Boots : Famous Footwear

Cardigan : Mix by Coles
Camisole : City Chic
Pants : Avella for Big W
Shoes : K Mart
And now we have the Rainbow Party attire:
Hair bows : $2 type shop
Necklace : Big W
Bangles : Best & Less
Cardigan : Mix by Coles
Dress : City Chic Bunting Dress
Tights : City Chic
Socks : Best & Less
Shoes : Authentic *cough Cons from Bali

Check out the links below to see how everyone else dresses while workin' hard for the money.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mood Board Monday {Floral}

You know I always see these wonderful articles in different home decorating magazines talking about mood boards, but never seemed to have the pizazz to throw one together. I can look at things and know if they look good or crap but I just can't tweak things so that they look how I have envisioned.

So then along comes Lisa over at Life as we know it and creates this awesome mood board challenge. Here's a little exerpt from her blog to explain the challenge.
So, what is a mood board? A mood board is a visual representation of all the things that you love, dream about owning, or perhaps just inspire you. It can represent a mood, an atmosphere or a feeling...and in the case of Mood Board Monday...a theme.
How does Mood Board Monday work? Each Monday, I will launch the new theme on the Life as we know it blog. Mood Board Monday is only limited by your imagination, and the themes can be interpreted across many blogging genres. You're encouraged to create your own inspirational mood boards based on the current theme for your own blog; then add your blog post's link to the bottom of the relevant post here. I will also share the following week's theme so that you can prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule them. Let's get inspired!

So here goes nothing - Week 1 - Floral.
Those that know me know I'm not a girly girl. I'm not into pretty floral or floaty materials or anything and that's what I think of when I see the word floral. What I do currently have a penchant for is bright, out there florals with bold colors. I'd love a bedroom theme like that, so what I can't have in real life, I'll mood board instead.
Mood Board Monday - Florals
1. Paloma quilt cover set Adairs $189.95-$229.95
2. 225 Thread count sheet in Jade Target $29.00-$55.00
3. Gorgeous Handsome pillowcases Adairs $29.95
4. Real Living dotty cushion Target $15.00
5. Water color garden boquet Adairs $49.95
6. Love pillowcases Adairs $29.95
7. Curious Owls Yellow Adairs $17.95
8. White beach stool  Domayne $299.00

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting my Susie on : Finally we have artwork...of sorts

Going back well over 12 months ago, I'm guessing at around the time we moved into our new house I found a photo on Pinterest and I was obsessed.
Source:Project Home

Then while still surfing around Pinterest I came across this beautiful wall display at From Gardners to Bergers and loved her stories of how her gallery wall was personalised with photos, trinkets and places that meant something to them. So I ran with it.

So me being me, I had already had many plans in progress for what I wanted in these frames. Things I had thought of, downloaded or designed many months ago but I had to narrow them down.

To begin with I'm running with the following: A frame that was gifted with my favorite wedding photo in it, the letter B (for obvious reasons), a blue print of the double decker busses that my father in law used to build before they moved to Australia, the sheet music from our bridal waltz, the dates of birth of myself, the husband and the kids, a photo of the naval ship that my Grandfather served on during WWII and an old map of the Melbourne tramways of both my father in law and brother in law worked for them.

Now because I'm retentive, I can't just hang photos like a normal person. Everything has to be laid out, organised, arranged, all props and preps done. So firstly we have everything we need to get them up on on the wall.

The after about 15 minutes of moving things and changing my mind, here's the first idea I had.

Then I found another 2 frames. Then I remembered that I'd bought a clock specifically for the photo wall.

And here you have it, the final result. I can't wait to build on this work in progress, I already have ideas for new things to add to the collection.

And to give you an idea, this is taken standing at the front door so I have plenty room to add more family memories.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aussie Curves : Celebration Essential 80's Norty 40 style

Just over a month ago I was posting about the lead up to my Norty Forty Epic 80's party but just like the procrastinator I am, I never got around to doing a follow up post.

So what better opportunity than Danimezza's opening challenge for the second year of Aussie Curves weekly challenges : CELEBRATE.
And celebrate I did. It's the first child free party I've had in the last 10 years so I really let my hair you can tell by the pics LOL

Now before you start thinking "Dude, WTF is she doing?", yes, I was doing duck face. Somewhat obsessively. Alcohol has a lot to answer for. Also I should add that it was 80's themed, so think Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan (hmmm something tells maybe I should've saved this pic for celebrity copycat).

Anyway, here's the clothing lowdown including pieces that you'll see in pics further down.
Lace Headband : Spotlight
Glasses : Random $2 shop (yes I know they're not Madonna inspired but I was drunk..and I liked them)
Necklaces & Bangles : Diva, Equip, Profile
Blazer : Best & Less
Bustier : City Chic
Pants : Avella for Big W
Shoes : K Mart

Now if you're friends with me on Facebook you would've already seen the eleventy billion party photos, but if not scroll on down and take a peek. While you're at it keep on scrolling on right through to the bottom to see how all the other Aussie Curves chicks celebrate in style.

Right, let's get back to the Epic 80's Norty Forty Celebration. I'm an obsessive party planner. I will spends weeks organising, purchasing, DIYing, arranging, really just going nuts to get the party just right. This is why I'm in love with Pinterest. All my party ideas and inspirations in the one place. Anyway, I'm babbling now so I'll just let my pics do the rest of the talking.
Nomming it up at the 80's inspired lollie bar

My gorgeous sister and I and the husband and I - George Michael and Maddona, 
now that would make good coffee table reading. 

My crazy family

 The girls from work livening up the place
 The besties partying like only besties do


From talking to most people it sounds like they had a ball.
I know I did.