Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rather than the obligitory birthday ramble

I thought I'd share some raging music from the time I was born.

And now:

Could you get anymore polar opposites? Scary to think what people are going to be listening to in the next 21 *cough* years.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Online Junkie

 Just today I happened to be talking to some of the girls at work about online forums and they seem to have come to the conclusion that I'm some computer freak. Now I don't think that I'm all too over the top and I know a lot of people that frequent online forums, but how much is too much?

I joined my first online forum way back in 2004. It was a parenting forum. I'm still a member to this day but post very sporadically. To be perfectly honest, I use that forum more as entertainment, fodder for other forums which have sprung from it's loins. Which brings me to all the other forums I've picked up along the way. There has been the one whose "name shall never be mentioned" on the aforementioned parenting site, two or three weightloss forums, forums that have sprung from friendships from the original site, forums that have sprung from the "name shall not be mentioned" site, forums from TV shows, private Facebook groups. They are just a few that spring to mind.

Now I'm no longer a member of all of them, but there are at least three that I am a regular poster on. I've made friendships through some of them that I hope are lifelong. I've met people IN REAL LIFE, not just names on a screen. I've even been to a group meet in another state, which may seem quite weird to some but these women have been in my life almost daily for three years now.

So who else is part of the freak show? Are you a forum member? How many forums do you follow?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

And here I was wanting a refund

This is the child that just two days ago I was willing to give away not just to a good home, but to any home.
This is the child that I wanted a refund on.
This is the child that is a screaming banshee.

But this is also the child that tells me "I love you all the way to the moon, the stars AND the butterflies".
She is also the child that climbs into my bed an some ungodly hour every single night and sticks her little feet up the back my top just because she needs to feel my skin.
She is also the same child that has the hugest doe eyes and longest dark lashes and knows how to use them.

This is her. How could I ever refund that?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dancing with Wags the dog - the red nose day special

Since I'm heading of for a lovely child-free night with some girlfriends in a really freaking cold place I was thinking that I should find some sort of beanie. Now I'm not a hat person. Not by choice, I love hats. I just can't wear them. I look freakin' ridiculous. So today I went on a mission to Target to find something warm for my head. FAIL

All I did was create an endless source of amusement for not only Imogen but for Brian as well. Especially when one hat I tried on caused fits of laughter from Imogen and me apparently looking like Wags the dog.

So just the share the amusement, and because it's about time that I shared a pic of me, here's me (the red nose day edition).

Hey fellow bloggers, don't forget today is FYBF so make sure you check out some of the awesomeness below:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gas (no, not what you're thinking - the Energy kind)

This was Brian
Rewind back to last Thursday:
You would think that finishing work at lunch time would be a fortunate thing - especially when your husband has the day off so you can spend some quality time with him and your daughter.

Fortunate probably wasn't the most apt word when I arrived home to a husband who looks like
< this.
Although I did contemplate slinking back out the front door without being seen, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to know what the cause of all the wrath was. Ah yes, the old faithful utilites. I think every household has had at least 5 phone calls to some sort of utility company when the ended up looking like the above. Today is was Origin Energy's turn. For some reason unknown to not only us, but also to Origin Energy, our gas had been disconnected. And so the saga began.

Phone call after phone call after phone call we where promised that some sort of service call had been lodged. Day after day after bloody long, bloody cold, and bloody smelly day we waited and we phoned. During this time not only did I have no gas, but this meant no hot water, no cooktop and no heating. Brian was in Sydney for a conference. Jack had some sort of Gastro bug and vomited for 3 days straight. Imogen, not be left out, decided to get in on the action and ramp up her constipation issues causing the Mt Etna of projectile vomits (Yeah sorry about that John. Hopefully your eyes have stopped burning now). Funnily enough the one child who I would have thought would have had the most issue with all of this going on was the one child that took it all in his stride and was the sanest of the lot of us. Liam was going for a Sainthood.

This was me
By the time this morning rolled around it had  been seven nights and I was going into my eighth day with no gas. It was no surprise that I looked like
this >
If I could have crawled through the phone lines and physically attacked the person or persons responsible for our lack of gas I probably would have. I was that mad this morning that I don't even really know what I said to the lady. What ever it was it must have been some serious shit because within an hour I had a service technician knocking on my door telling me he'd just turned the gas back on. I was so overjoyed that I could have kissed the guy. I'm thinking he may have realised this as he was backing away quietly as soon as he could. Or I guess it could have been the fact that I had birdsnest hair, crazy eyes and was more than likely drooling at the site of him.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Kids on the block - the roof, the roof, the roof is...


Windows and doors installed and roof trusses go up. It's really starting to look like a house now.

How to cervix play?

So did you all read this title and go WTF??

See here's the thing, somebody was googling "How to cervix play" and not once, not twice but five times has now landed on my blog. So yeah, I was thinking WTF as well. Turns out it links up to my post about The Human Body exhibition at Scienceworks. Still, too freakin' weird for me.

Someone has way too much time on their hands and absolutely no imagination if they're googling how to play with their bajingo (and yes I did steal the use of the word bajingo from a post of absolute gold literary skills from a classic oversharer).

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Kids on the block - Looky at what I found this morning

Windows and sliding doors delivered this morning. The look kind of greenish on the truck. They'd better not be.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Kids on the block - Put it in a frame

First floor frame is up. To anyone concerned about the short time frame, as long as no weight bearing structures go up it's fine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Kids on the block - Slabby, slab, slab

I can haz slab. It's all done and looks great (if you can see it through the dark haze since it was taken on dodgy phone cam)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who said fishing was peaceful?

Certainly not my husband after spending the afternoon at Cunningham Pier with the boys. The boys had fun, but came home empty handed much to their disappointment.

As for me, well after having a girly day at home with just Imogen and myself, I headed out to a girly night with dinner with friends at Fresh Chilli in Wyndham Vale. Have to be honest and say that the service was a little average, but the food was brilliant. If you're even in the area, definitely check it out.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Kids on the block - I get my shovel and I dig, dig, dig

The electricity box went in on 06.06.11

Then this morning there is a digger busily digging away. I'm assuming they're getting ready to lay the pipes.

It all started with a gorgeous family

Reproduced from ninemsn: 
I happened across this gorgeous family yesterday. Two adoring parents with their three gorgeous children. Everyone seemed happy well adjusted just like any other normal family that I come across daily.

Except here is the difference. This family, whether it be to their face or behind their back (as yesterday's case would be) are experiencing horrible bigotry. Not only did a random stranger make the comment "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" with a smirk on her face but someone I mix with weekly threw me a huge curve ball with her uneducated, bigoted, homophobic comments.

I have always been one to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but where do you draw the line between an opinion and a uneducated irrational rant. Some of the comments went along this line:
  • Gay people give up their rights to have children when they become gay
  • Gay men are born this way because they're born men when they where meant to be women
  • They can't have two girls. They're gay. What are they going to tell them? How can they raise two girls? (Well duh you're a single mother of two boys - How can you raise them? *shakes head*)
  • People only become gay later because they where abused. 
  • I used to hang around a lot of hairdressers so I know all about gays
I could go on and on but I was so enraged that I couldn't even tell you the rest of what was said. Let just say that I lost my friggin mind and went off my tree. I was soooo mad that I don't even know what half the things I said back to her where. In reality I would have loved to punch her in the head but I had to be the bigger person.

I have people in my life that I love and care very deeply about that are not only gay, but SHOCK HORROR have children. And guess what? They're brilliant parents. Their kids love and adore them. Regardless of sexual orientation, parents are parents. A child needs a loving and nurturing family, that's what's important.

I should just let the agenda of the narrow minded bigots be a blip on my radar, but what has been said can never be unsaid. I have to cross this person, at the bare minimum, weekly. I have to be mature, I have to be responsible. But I know I will seethe whenever I look at her now, but I will remember this:
Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.

 - Benjamin Franklin
NB: Article photo published from: Gay couple have twins

Anyone after some extra reading, check out the links below:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Move over GLEE

Cause TheBBoys are taking over with their song and dance routine.

I don't know what's funnier - Jack trying to break dance or Liam who has obviously been watching too many music videos.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The smile says it all

With a smile as big as this, what else could it be other than her birthday.
Happy 6th Birthday Princess Allyra.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fail Mother strikes again



Or so I was told....numerous times.
But hey, I tried.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I want something else, to get me through this semi charmed kind of life

So after having threeish weeks of crapola days I decided that today is back to usual programming.
This week was a mental health week for me. A week for doing nothing, not worrying about anything, and pampering myself...which I did none of.

So today I'm reclaiming that. Except the gods have better ideas. Just to piss me off they've bestowed me with the eightth wonder of the world - Yes we have Mount OMFGyoulooklikeoneofthosethingsfromtoystory appear right smack bang in the middle of my eyes. Yes the Gods are laughing.

At least I can laugh because every time I look in the mirror I keep thinking of the band Third Eye Blind and humming Semi Charmed Life to myself.

 Oh and as an aside to this, I've decided to join on up to Flog Yo Blog Friday. So here we go.
In keeping with my theme of all things Alien, link me up Scotty: