Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Aussie Curves : Glitzy Green

It's not easy being green...or is it?

This weeks challenge was to showcase the color green, so let me start by saying that while typing this I'm supporting the green cause with this little beauty.

Annnnyway, today is another one of my City Chic haul posts as I'm showing off another two recent purchases and one just happened to have the base color of green.  As soon as I spied this green cami on the hanger I was smitten and HAD to have it. Not only is green my favorite color but I love this shade and the oriental print gives it a summery feel that brings a little sunshine to a a day that's typical of Melbourne autumn.

This afternoon I was graced with Miss 5's presence and she decided to script my photonshoot. I laughed a lot with her directing my poses. She has the most awesome imagination and the poses we were shooting were hilarious. I had to poke my behind out, I had to pretend I was a superhero complete with laying on a bench seat so I could assume the flying pose (um, yeah I've omitted that photographic gem), oh and I had to do some crazy eye rolling sticking tongue out thing (which I'll share for your viewing pleasure).

So with no further adieu I bring you:

Cami : City Chic Oriental Cami
Shoes : Rubi
Bangles : Diva

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Aussie Curves : Snazzy Sequins

Well the City Chic sale couldn't have come at a better time considering the first piece I grabbed in my hot little hands was a great hi lo sheer sequined number. Not bad considering I didn't even know it was sequins week. Now I've never been a sequin person before. Like I've said in the past, boring Nanna was how I'd describe my style. But this top just screamed at me and I HAD to have it.

Yes I know the pics don't look like it was something that I HAD to have, but I was tired (having been dragged from one side of Melbourne to the other looking at cars with The Husband), hungry and had a ripper headache.  Believe me though, I was rocking this top, just not in the pics LOL.

Jacket - City Chic Winter 2012
Scarf - Target ~2010
Top - City Chic May 2012 sale $20 (what a bargain)
Jeans (not in pic) - City Chic TDF Apple 
Boots (not in pic) - KMart slouch ankle boots

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aussie Curves : Lush Leather

This week I finally mustered up the courage to let The Husband take some pics for me. As much as I love the guy, I'm still quite self conscious when it comes to getting him to do things like this. But this week was different. The Husband and I ditched the kids and headed away for a weekend, so I was calm, relaxed, dressed up and under the influence of just a touch of red wine and thought what the hell. I even lashed out and took the pics in public and didn't care in people saw (okay well I did a little, but I figured that I'm about 4 hours from home so no one knows me).

Hello, old faithfuls
These are my seasons old favorite of favorites leather boots. I love them so much that they've been reheeled twice rather than buy new boots. But this year I must admit defeat as the toes are starting to get just a tad too scuffed to live another season. Who would've thought that a pair of boots from target would've brought so much joy.

 Jacket : City Chic (Winter 2012)
Dress : City Chic
Boots : Target (~ 2009)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aussie Curves : Headlining Heels

So after bowing out of last weeks pj challenge (seriously no one needs to see me in daggy pants, ski socks and men's Bonds chesty tees), I again had a little laugh to myself over heels.

Now if I go back in time about 20 years I lived in heels. I mean lived. I worked shifts 10ish hours long racing around fast food joints in skyscrapers. How, I have no idea, but I did. And damn I had killer calves back then. Even with the weight gain over the years, I've still got pretty good calves and I still attribute them to the old heel days. But becoming a Mum changed it all.

Out went the heels and the little skirts and in came comfy flats, bootleg jeans and wash and wear tees. Finally heels have started making an appearance in my wardrobe again but I'd only taken small steps by lashing out with wedges. I love my wedges. The photos really don't do them justice at all.
Sunnies : Target
Scarf : K Mart
Cardigan : MODA by Target
Singlet top : K Mart
Jeans : City Chic
Heels : Target
So there you have my heels, but then something freakin awesome happened today. 

 I found these babies at Target for a whole $9.83. $9.83!!!! What a friggin bargain. 
Now only one question remains, can I walk in them?

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