Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aussie Curves: The Non-Claytons Swimwear

Yes, yes I know I did a big drama post about not doing the swimwear challenge but after a message from a friend encouraging me, support from my husband (even though he's overseas), and the opinions of some good friends look out cause I'm wearing a friggin' swimsuit. 

Yep I did it. Me. In my bathers. In my togs. In my swimmers. With a neck scarf as a make shift scarf because I just can't do swimmers alone. Just a little personal quirk of mine. Brave enough only to have Miss 4 take the pics after Mr 8 and 9 went to bed because Mummy taking pics of herself wearing bathers is apparently cause for much laughter (high 5 on what I'm teaching my boys here *eye roll). 

So after a deep breath and much procrastination, here goes:

   Sunglasses (hidden by fro) : MIX Apparel
Necklaces : Unknown - both gifted
Bracelets : Equip
Bathers : LILLY and LOU for Best & Less
Sarong/Scarf : From some cheap $2 type shop

 Love these mix of accessories

And if you didn't see my last post, once again check out below the 
gorgeous gals from Aussie Curves with their take on Swimwear.


  1. Oh yay for you! You look awesome, I have a MUCH better idea what that swimsuit looks like now :)

  2. Yay. Love that you did this. Well done