Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While the husband's away, the wifey will play - Day 1

So pretty much bang on 24 hours ago, I walked away from the airport with 2 hysterical children and the third one who I suspect may have some sort of narcissistic complex going on as he found his siblings crying so amusing. So yeah, that was fun.

The night started nicely enough with dinner with friends before heading off for the husband and the son of some friends to catch their flight (for those not in the know, he's jetsetting to India for a Wedding).  It was all downhill from there. Check in took almost an hour and a half. Try amusing 3 tired kids in International departures. Honestly you can really only look at good ol' Aussie souveniers like Sheeps Placenta in a tube for so long. So Daddy checks in, comes back to us and it's all smiles and hugs. Then the reality hits in of what's happening.

 So eventually I'm free of the airport and the crying quietens down to snivelling, so me, in my wisdom, decided to distract the kids I'll open the sunroof. So I say "Hey guys, have a look at all the stars and the moon (it was a full moon) and see if you can see any planes". Cue hysterical crying again because I said "planes" and planes remind Mr 9 that Daddy has gone away. Sigh. Was a long drive home.

So after having to endure all of that last night I decided that I needed some pampering today. So today we had PJ day...all freakin day. I'm still in my PJs as I type. How awesome is that? Bogan, but awesome. I've also decided to reward myself with a few other things.

See this crap on the bench left over from dinner. Yeah well it's after midnight and it's still sitting there. Take that anally retentive husband.

And see this bed. I'm gonna sleep on the right. Actually screw it, I'm sleeping sideways right across the whole damn thing. And no children allowed. It's mine, all mine. Mwhahahhahhahaha.

A girl could get used to having no husband around. :P

Monday, January 28, 2013

Aussie Curves - Perfect Purple

Well I'm just going to put it out there and say that I'm another who doesn't really wear purple. I was actually thinking that I was either going to have to 
  1. Bust out some purple accessories as an easy way out, or
  2. Pour myself into a gorgeous purple bridesmaid dress that I'm sure I'd need a shoehorn to get my rack into
when Mr 9 walked straight into my cupboard and pulled out a purple dress/tunic and asked "What about this?" How this kid knows my wardrobe better than me beats the heck out of me. So the tunic it was.

Being that it was a rush job to get any pics done, here's me a-la natural (and I mean sans makeup, not naked before you're too scared to scroll down) having a casual family day on the way to the local Australia Day fair.
 Sunglasses: Some generic brand  
(since I recently broke my prescription ones *sob)
Scarf: Valleygirl
Cardigan: Katies
Tunic: Moda - Target
Leggings: K Mart
Shoes: Ruby Shoes

Sorry about the dodgy pic, but sometimes you just have to work with what you've got.
Keen to check out the rest of the Purple Posse, then read on below.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aussie curves: Tremendous Texture

Well it's the third week in and I'm getting in early this time rather than running around like an idiot at the last minute. This week I've lashed out and had to take some selfies since Mr 8 and 9 had much better things to do on the school holidays than take pics of their Mummy. I did manage to convince Miss 4 to help out a little but in typical four year old fashion it was 1 pic of Mummy and 4 pics of My Little Ponies and so on. So selfies it was. I started off all self conscious, you know the whole serious face stuff then I thought "screw it", I'm gonna have some fun. So all these crazy poses came out, I was loving it. I was loving the camera. The camera was loving me. The kids where laughing, I was laughing. So after eleventy billion photos, I'm still not quite ready to release the whole crazy inner goddess I have no hangups shit (because let's face it, I'm nowhere near putting that shit out there yet), but here's a few that I am willing to show.
 So this week is texture. I thought long and hard about this and went through my wardrobe too many times to count trying to work out what to use. I found a few interesting textured things, but I also have some ideas for future challenges so I need to hang on to some of them for another time. I did find a sequined top/tunic thingy that I've only worn one before. This one has a sequined layer with a draped layer over the top so it's a real mix of soft, scratchy and sparkly fabrics.
In case you can't guess from the angle, this pic was brought to you by Miss 4. You can't really see the sequins in this pic, but I assure you they're there. 

And now for a smidge of selfie. I got the kids to pick their favorite one each.

 Earrings : Equip
Top/Tunic : Crossroads 2011
Dress (worn as skirt) : Myer BIB approx1995
(Can't believe I just put out there that I've had a dress in my cupboard for almost 20 years)
Bracelets : Diva & Equip
Shoes : Wittner 2011

Care to check out what textures the other Aussie Curves chicks are wearing:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aussie Curves: Spectacular Secondhand

Challenge accepted for my second week on the Aussie Curves bandwagon. 

This week I was wondering if I was even going to make it in. I don't do much secondhand shopping, well I do for the kids, but plus size isn't easy to come by. Hell I even considered taking advantage of the fact that my bestie left her cardigan here on Friday - well that's secondhand if it belongs to someone else isn't it??

But at the last second a colleague mentioned that there was an OP Shop right near work so during my break on Saturday I power walked on over and had a little browse. I didn't find anything in the Plus Size section so I decided to check out the kids and on the way past saw THE shoes. I had been looking for some navy shoes to go with a particular dress and just couldn't find anything, anywhere. Low and behold they were a 39. OMG squealllllllll.  So here they are:

Dress: City Chic
Bracelet: Diva
Shoes: I Love Billy (thrifted)

Righty-o, so not the most spectacular pic and yes, yes, I should've ironed the dress first but I was time poor and tired after what's been a long week at work. Add to that it didn't help that Mr 9 was too busy on the computer to take some pics so I had to make do with Mr 8 who for all his computer savvyness, is unco at best with a camera. Oh and for the record, as much as I'm in love with the shoes, I'm not convinced that they go with the dress. What do you think?

Oh and kudos to Yvette for the heads up on the OP Shop and Jacqui if you're looking for your cardi, I have it :P

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aussie Curves: Fabulous Feathers

After a major blogging hiatus where life just seemed to get in the way, I'm back with a new exciting challenge for myself. Yes, I'm sure everyone who sees this will groan as they know my penchant for starting all these wonderful things then the novelty wears off all too soon but this is different. This is a new year. A new me. I'm six months off forty. It's time I sorted myself and my life so this year is dedicated to me. A happier, healthier me.

So with no further adieu, I bring you me. You know the one that's always hiding her face behind the lens so that there are no pics of her. Well no more. It's all about to change with a little help from some bloggers that I stumbled across. Bloggers who embrace their curves. Bloggers who understand that plus size doesn't mean wear a muumuu or something your Nanna would wear. Bloggers who look fabulous. So this challenge to myself is all about stepping out of my comfort zone. Doing, trying and wearing things I wouldn't normally consider. Each week there is a new challenge. And this week is feathers.

Necklace: Equip
Singlet top: K Mart
Sleeveless cardi: Katies
Skirt: Avella for Big W
Shoes: Ruby

P.S. Yes, yes I know. Those chook legs of mine need some spray tanning, stat.

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