Monday, August 25, 2014

Mood Board Monday {Natural}

This week I'm going au naturel but I'm shaking it up and doing it on a budget. Kmart has really come a long way in the last 12 months...really drab to outrageously fab.  Now usually my Mood Board Monday posts are wish lists, things that I would love but apart from the odd statement piece they're out of my price range. This is where Kmart comes in. This season they're really hitting the mark with on trend items regardless of your style. If you like the classic, natural look - read on.
Mood Board Monday {Natural}

  1. Homemaker Leo Quilt Cover in Queen $10. 
  2. Homemaker Hudson 43cm Square Cushion in Beige $5. 
  3. Best Things In Life Typography Canvas $12
  4. 12 Piece Stone Dinner Set $15
  5. Rope Glass Jar $9
  6. Industrial Table Lamp $20
  7. Medium Round Basket $12
  8. Rope Doorstop $7
  9. Peony Rug $49
  10. LOVE Wood Blocks $5
So if were to go out and purchase one of all of the above items it would come to the sum total of $154. Yep, you read that right people a whole $154. 
What are you waiting for?

This week I haven't included the Mood Board Monday button as it's pretty much obsolete, but instead I'm going to direct you to Lisa Warren's new blog - Blossom and Bright. Make sure you check it out, you won't be disappointed. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Surprise bedroom reveal - Volume Two {Happy Birthday Liam}

After doing a whirlwind makeover on Jack's bedroom only 3 days prior, Liam was insistent for his birthday that we makeover his room as well. Unlike Jack's room, Liam's room was set up for an older boy from the time we moved in here (2 years ago). So he already had a "display" surfboard and some pieces that fit a the surfing theme that he chose. Liam is also much fussier about his "stuff" than Jack so we knew there wasn't too much we could move. So with all that in mind, we told him that his room was already age appropriate and maybe next year we could do something with it. Astonishingly, he believed us so he was in for a shock when he got home from school.


I totally love how it turned out and Liam does too. Never in a million years did I think that the husband would agree to putting corrugated iron on the walls (he won't even let me paint the walls) but I'm so glad he agreed.  The bargain is that it only cost us just over $250, especially considering the wave canvas was $149. Awesome.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mood Board Monday {Radiant Orchid}

I'm still ploughing through the old Mood Board Monday drafts, so this week I bring you a collection in the Pantone Colour of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid. I'll admit that I don't mind a few subtle purple hue hits but it's really not my most favourite of colours.
Radiant Orchid

The bedroom setting is from Adairs. I love the Vintage washed linen. It looks so comfy and inviting. Loving the Floral Dia de Muertos cushion cover AKA Skull Cushion. This as well as tons of other gorgeous cushions can be found over at I Love Linen. Now I don't usually troll Etsy but I stumbled across this print a while ago on Pinterest and loved it. You can find it here. Another favourite store of mine is Domayne. That is where you'd find the Kas Omari Multi Cushion AKA the flamingo one. And lastly the Purple Sky print. How serene is it? Not a fan of the heavy black frame but the print is just stunning. You can find it at Down That Little Lane in their Sky Series

This week I haven't included the Mood Board Monday button as it's pretty much obsolete, but instead I'm going to direct you to Lisa Warren's new blog - Blossom and Bright. Make sure you check it out, you won't be disappointed. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surprise bedroom reveal {Happy Birthday Jack}

Everyone loves a surprise right? Yesterday the husband and I worked our butts off to organise a special surprise for Jack for his birthday. 
(And for those concerned about me and recovery, I was a good girl and did no lifting and stretching). 
Since he was turning 10, we decided it was about time to do an update on his bedroom - change it up from a little boys room to a tween room. I spoke to Jack not too long ago about updating his room and him and I spent ages going through pictures and making a board in Pinterest of things he liked. 
Check it out HERE

He had his heart set on one particular room so I told him we could do something similar. This was the room he wanted.

And this is the room he got:


And so I'm left with one ecstatically happy Jackasaurus.

I'll be back another day for a quick "if Kylee can make it anyone can" tutorial for Jack's wall hanging.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mood board Monday {Reflective}

So while having a dig around and doing a bit of blog maintenance I found I had a stack of posts that were all still in the draft stage. Some with just a few words and some that were practically fully written. With that in mind I thought why waste a written post so I'm going right back to a challenge from last year with mood board monday.
This week we have reflective. Now originally I had gone through and pinned a heap of reflective items that were really cool but I saw one mirror and envisioned a whole little layout and it grew from there.

1. Juju hat in various colours - HARD TO FIND 
2. Replica Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Armchair - MATT BLATT 
3. Love Necklace - HARD TO FIND
4. IKEA PS 2014 Table Mirror - IKEA 
5. KAS "Hit The Town" Cushion - MYER
6. Art Deco Stained Glass Necklace - HARD TO FIND
7. Signature S 5 Drawer Tallboy - FREEDOM
8. Omar Table Lamp and Shade - KEEKI

Saturday, August 2, 2014

So I threw a baby shower for my bestie

If there is one thing I like doing, it's throwing a party - the more elaborate party the better.
Much to my husbands disgust, I tend to go over the top.  I can't help it. I look at Pinterest for ideas and this crazy person just pops out.

So in the spirit of research I created a new pin board, but I was sneaky about it. The Mumma-to-be (Jacqui) follows me on Pinterest so I set up a board that we could both pin on. Now for those who don't know Jacqui she is a little obsessed with animal print (and by a little I mean a whole game reserve practically lives at her place) - me, I have a love/hate relationship with it, mostly hate.

So when Jacqui started pinning things in animal print, being the moody cow I am, I said no. Like,
And yes, shouty caps were necessary.
But I was sneaky...and I set up a secret Pinterest board with all the imaginable zebra print party items a baby shower could ever need and want. It's no longer a secret, so knock yourself out and click the link if you're thinking about a zebra themed anything.

So all my planning, research, sneaky buying and DIYing all came together a few weeks ago in what I might say myself was a brilliant day. 


And saving my most favourite pic of the day for last:
Jacqui with a teeny tiny baby tutu 💕