Sunday, September 1, 2013

Aussie Curves : Lovable LBD

This week starts with another trip in the Delorian but not quite the kindergarten years, this time were talkin' 2011.

A time where a girl's bestie gets married and I get to play bridesmaid complete with the lovable LBD.
I've seen a few people asking recently about Light in the Box, so I'll add my two bobs because this is where this gorgeous dress came from, all for the *cough hefty sum of $79 (well at least I think that's what it was). And it was custom made. The cut was beautiful, it was made really well and in super quick time. The only issue I had with it was that I had to adjust it a tad (but I think that says more about us doing the my measurments than the actual supplier). So anyway, check out the LBD.

Here's a pic taken of me looking refreshed waiting for the ceremony to start and getting the pre-wedding pics done. It's really amazing what a great makeup artist and hairdresser can do because even I don't think I look like me.

Doing the nervous walk down the aisle. For all my loud outgoingness (for want of a better word), I'm not really a fan of being in the spotlight so walking down the aisle while everyone is staring waiting for the bride really made me nervous. Can you tell LOL?

And on to the beautiful ceremony. Was short and sweet and a tad emotional - just how a wedding should be when your standing in the same spot in a pair of killer heels.

And lastly to show off my hair (cause I loved it) and my tired baby girl (cause I love her too).

Please take the time the check out all the other gorgeous LBD's below.

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