Monday, September 23, 2013

Mood board Monday {Metallic}

I thought that metallic would be easy, but I guess it's all in the interpretation. All week I've had in the back of my mind what I was going to do and keeping an eye on both instagram and Facebook (yes surprise, surprise retentive Kylee follows a LOT of interior designers) for anything new that caught my eye that fit my imaginary brief. But then everything I had in mind changed with just one photo released on the Facebook page of Emily Ziz Style Studio.
 Right, so it's not all metallic but I love how the metallic pops when all this is put together. Imagine the gorgeous wallpaper in your bedroom with the mirrored dresser in front of it and the art deco mirror hanging just above and slightly off center. Then the beautiful accessories styled on the dresser with the pop of orange and the metallic homewares reflecting back. If I had more time, I'd play around with them in photoshop to show you exactly what I can see, but for now, just run with your imagination.

  1. Emily Ziz Style Studio - Shibori wallpaper
  2. Freedom - Deco Mirror
  3. Interiors Online - Antique Mirror 3 drawer dresser
  4. West Elm - Metallic Printed Jewelry Box - Flax
  5. Domayne - Ish Metal Box
  6. Hard to find - Menu Jewellery tree
  7. Ikea - Blomster candle holder
  8. Ikea - Randig Scented Block Candle
  9. Hard to find - Sunset Fringe Necklace - Tangerine

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  1. Wow, what a stunning mirror!! Love the pop of orange on your board :)