Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mood board Monday {Green}

Yes I know it's not Monday, but I'm a lot closer to it than I was last week.

My take on this week's theme is having a green thumb (something that those who know me will be having a laugh about). I really would like to say I'm good in the garden, but no. I kill everything. Don't ask me how, but I've even killed succulents. I am determined though to have at the bare minimum a herb garden this spring/summer. So I figure this is the tools I'll need. Well honestly I don't NEED the gumboots, but aren't they just so darn cute.
They're on the want list

Mood board Monday : Green1. Hand tool set : Bunnings
2. Watering can : Masters
3. Name tags : Hard to find
4. Gumboots : Hard to find
5. Herbs : Bunnings
6. Potting bench : Our Kitchen Garden

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