Sunday, February 3, 2013

Y'all ready for this

Now that y'all are dancing around in your chair with that stupid Space Jam song in your heads let me return you to reality with a thump. Aussie curves challenge starting tomorrow ... Swimwear. Um, yeah, noooooooooooo. 

Hey I'm all for moving out of my comfort zone and the like but shit just got real. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post up a pic of my bathers, but that's about as far as I'll stretch the friendship. 

Meanwhile I'll wait with anticipation to see what all the other Curvy chicks are up to.


  1. But..but...I thought you were going to post one.
    I've been loving this series.

    Do it....I'll bet you're gorgeous.

    1. Melissa I did consider it but I don't have a sarong or anything similar. I "may" have done it then but not just bathers. Just can't.