Saturday, February 9, 2013

Polly Dolly - First Impression

In typical Kylee style if something new is going around, I'll attempt to jump on the bandwagon, so with this I bring you Polly Dolly.

Polly Dolly was the brainchild of  Danimezza when she went looking for a fashion challenge. Weekly bloggers would max out their imaginary credit cards with a new fashion challenge.

With the success of Aussie Curves, Danimezza has now passed on this gem to the fabulous Neysha at The Sweet Life. So now every Wednesday, you can find the challenge at The Sweet Life and join on in.

Week one, was first impressions. Check out mine.

Polly Dolly - First Impression

$92 -

$72 -

Tote bag
$105 -

Bangle jewelry
$15 -

Red jewelry
$21 -

Rockmans Jeggings
$40 -

Cotton Tank - Rockmans
$14 -

Every Wednesday Neysha will post a new Polly Dolly Theme Challenge. For those of you who haven't played before all you have to do is create a Polyvore account and get creative! You can tell us what items you have used or add a bit of an explanation for what you chose, create a story or you can just share your creative style boards! It's all up to you! When you’re done creating your dream look and maxing out your imaginary credit cards, simply just add your link below my polly post using your blogs name as the “title” and a direct link to the specific blog post, then thats it! Don't have a blog? thats okay you can always post the image of your style board to the {TSL} Facebook
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