Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are you batting above your average?

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I'll be the first to admit that I've never watched a single episode or Girls, nor have I even seen a snippet of it on You Tube but I have been reading with interest the hoopla that seems to follow Lena Dunham around (Yes, yes, I know this is old news but screw it, I'm writing about it anyway).

After seeing her name splashed everywhere because of her penchant for nudity when she doesn't have the traditional Hollywood size zero figure, the latest is how could someone like her character from Girls, Hannah, score such a good looking, rich guy. Like, come on peoples, why would he want to sleep with HER? Some of the vitriol I've seen has been mind boggling. 

Crap such as this:

Dear Lena Dunham: NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU NAKED. WE GET IT ALREADY.- Shirtless Dudly on AVClub.

My issue with her body is that it is obvious she doesn't make an effort to get some damn exercise. I hate when people take their bodies for granted like that. I've had to have surgeries and a knee replacement by the age of 30, but I still manage to get exercise. I just really want her to do a damn push up, is that too much to ask? - Scruffy Love on AVClub 

I know there are millions of shows of slob dating/married to hot women, but I couldn't believe this Patrick character was interested in Hannah. - Stan on HITfx

Seems like my women friends don't link the show because they can't reconcile a confident, naked female body that is not 'hot' in the least - yet she's having a lot of randy sex. Women are more turned off by lumpy lady parts than any guy ever is- LA on HitFX 

I could go on and on  but it's all pretty much repeats of the same thing.

The timing of this latest Dunham "controversy" couldn't have been better since a post of mine the other day lamenting all of my insecurities came from pretty much precisely this. What's a guy like him, doing with a girl like her? Gee he's batting below his average. She's punching above her weight. You get the picture. 

Now my husband is no Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt or whichever Hollywood leading man takes your fancy but I find him attractive. Hell, I might even think about pushing that as far as saying I think he's hot (but I won't because if he reads this I'll never head the end of just how hot he is). I consider myself an average, 30 something (snort), a little on the frumpy side, a lot on the curvy side, typical suburban Mum. I know I'm insecure but I'm not stupid. I've had other people give me the "I'm surprised and doing a bad job of covering it" look when I'm meeting people who know my husband for the first time. You know that "OMG, you're his wife" look that makes you simultaneously want to crawl into the hole they're making out you've come from and punch them in the face at the same time.

But really we're all guilty of it on a certain level. I mean come on, who didn't watch Knocked Up and think "What the hell is she thinking?" (even though I will admit to rooting for the underdog by the end of the pic).  Feels a bit different when the shoe is on the other foot eh? So I'm not as shallow as the hounds that seem to be baying for Lena Dunham, but there is still a piece of me whose mindset still needs to change.

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