Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aussie Curves - Akward Animalistic

So I got this new dress a few weeks ago that was on a clearance rack. There was one of the size I usually buy and a few other various sizes but none either side of mine. Therefore I convinced myself that there was no need to try it on since there was no alternative if it didn't fit. Besides, I NEEDED the dress for Animalistic week on the Aussie Curves challenge.

Turns out it was too big. Never one to be deterred, a ton of pins later and ta-da, we have Animalistic. Now this week is definitely not my best angle, view whatever you call it by a long shot. To be honest I was feeling really uncomforable about this shoot for a stupid reason. So far every week, I've either had to master the selfie or get the kids to take the photos for me. This week I had to enlist the husband....and it was awkward. And I was embarrassed.

For the people who don't know my husband, he's a smartarse. Not one of those asshole type smartarses that everyone hates, but I guess it's more that our normal relationship is based on a lot of laughs and ribbing. So I just couldn't do the photo shoot. I knew he wouldn't be able to help himself. And I knew I would be crushed even if he was just joking. With the kids it's easy, I can be silly, I can "strike a pose", hell Miss 4 even requests what poses I do, but with him it was just, well...awkward. So I bring you the awkward pics.

Hair : Crappy Melbourne Weather
Necklace : Diva
Tank : Target
Dress : MODA for Target
Belt : City Chic
Shoes : Wittner


  1. I'm liking the photos. He took great accessory photos. I think if I had my husband take my photos, I'd feel awkward too. I once asked if was interested in getting into photography and he said no. Quietly relieved. Your dress and complete look is great.

  2. Looks great! Your hair is beautiful.

  3. I felt silly asking my husband to start with, but i find it fun now :)
    Dress looks fab :)

  4. This dress is awesome, I really like the hi lo style on you! Fabulous hair BTW

  5. I was looking through the Aussie Curves photos, and this dress looks like mine! Loving it, and love yours!!!!