Friday, February 1, 2013

I bought white pants and other shocking stories

So Target had a sale today - 40% off MODA city dressing skirts, cropped and full length pants and an extra 20% off women's clearance items. Bargain yeah? I will admit to being one of those crazies who go through the clearance rack with a fine tooth comb and it's always well worth it. So the bargains I grabbed were a pair of white cropped pants (yeah, they're not in the picture cause they just don't look pretty), the two dresses below and the top. How's this though the animal print dress was $49 - I paid $19.90, the flare wrap dress was $49 - I paid $15.90 and the top original price $35 - I paid $15.90. The accessories, unfortunately, are all on my want list.

So if you're cynical like me, you'll be thinking white pants? WTF is she thinking? Well this is my first pair and even I'm asking myself WTF but I've convinced myself that if they are not all they're cracked up to be then screw it, they're good for Bali thrown on with a kaftan attire. And before you start laughing at "kaftan", Mrs Woog wears them so they're good enough for me.

Target shopping Feb



Ashley Pittman bangle bracelet
515 AUD -


Safari Zebra Print 12 x 12 Double-Sided Paper
0.77 AUD -

Wallea - Wedges - Novo Shoes

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, I've discovered Polyvore. Bad move. This could so be a new obsession.

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