Friday, December 31, 2010

The year that was

With a little help from Facebook :)

01/01/2010 - Mmmmmm in bed with coffee and laptop. What more could I want (apart from actually still being asleep)?
27/01/2010 - God I'm pathetic. I cried watching Californication.
27/01/2010 - Ok, I didn't just cry - I bawled.
05/02/2010 - Quote of the day goes to Liam. Me: Was there anything funny that happened at school today? Liam: Yeah, my teacher fell over. Well all laughed.
10/02/2010 - Since not one child liked dinner, they're eating dry nutri-grain (not a punishment, I might add - they like it). I turn to say something to Imogen and she's sitting there happy as Larry munching away with a piece of nutri-grain hanging out of each ear. *roll eyes* What is it with this kid and ears??
14/02/2010 - You know it's going to be a long day when you put your spoon in your shake and your straw in your coffee
14/02/2010 - Day 1 of the school run with 5 kids in tow down. All kids arrive safely - check. All kids returned safely - check. Kylee still sane - check. Wonders will never cease.
17/02/2010 - What is Sesame Street coming to? Adam Sandler singing about Elmo and a skit called Desperate Houseplants complete with a shirtless gardener. Weird.
02/03/2010 - Why is it that when ever I cook microwave poached eggs they are undercooked and when I put them in for 5 seconds more they explode all over my microwave. Grrr.
09/03/2010 - Doogie Howser as The Fairy Shoe Person is just....weird.
17/03/2010 - ate some really strong garlic bread with dinner. Now hours later all I can taste is garlic. Do you think chocolate will mask the taste?
16/04/2010 - Ok am back from spray tan. Was not humiliating at all, but a tad uncomfortable at first. After all it's not everyday you're standing there having a conversation with a stranger with your boobs hanging out. Oh and I'm not orange. YET.
23/04/2010 - Happy 2nd bithday to my little Gigi. I believe that you are, and always will little princess. I love you all the way to the moon and back princess. x ♥ x ♥ Invalid 24/04/2010 - A big thank you to everyone for Imogen's birthday wishes. She had a brilliant day and was spoilt rotten. xx
25/04/2010 - has a very upset little girl with a broken fairy wand :(
26/04/2010 - It feels a little wrong that I'm eating cheese on toast while watching Masterchef. 29/04/2010 - Oh yay! Wireless thingy that I had in Qld is still working (she says while nerding it up in an indor playground.)
08/05/2010 - just loves her bag of pot porri, tree extra strong car air freshener, Lavender smelly crystals which Liam announced where his favorite present to me (blerk - I hate lavender LOL), Mini incence sticks, orange car airfreshener, trivet, blue plastic picture frame with dolphins and seagulls on it, bath rose sponge, vegetable body soap and lady gold ball that all came from the mother's day stall.
13/05/2010 - House, please clean self. Clutter, please miraculously disappear
14/05/2010 - Somebody humor me here and tell me that it's not wrong to be eating a piece of toast while drinking a celebrity slim soup
15/05/2010 - Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who is a Collingwood supporter. Collingwood supporters affect the lives of many. There is still no knowncure for Collingwood supporters (also known as Collingwooditis) but we can raise awareness. 93% won't copy and paste this, but we can just live in hope that one day, the world will be free of this terrible disorder
24/05/2010 - Note to self: Trying to cheer up a 2 year old by letting her choose what to wear will always result in a fairy dress
25/05/2010 - Bwhahahhah - Gigi just pointed to a picture of Julia Gillard and said "Nanny"
26/05/2010 - is going to try to be Suzie Homemaker today. With much emphasis on the word TRY.
30/05/2010 - Oh no, the dressing herself has started. Today the fairy dress was demanded and now she's just come out of her bedroom with a Dorothy Dinousaur t-shirt stuck on her head that she's trying to put over the top. Lord help me.
08/06/2010 - Cadbury chocolate, decaf coffee, perusing the net while watching Modern Family - Priceless
10/06/2010 - BAZINGA!! Damn I ♥ Sheldon. I swear I could watch old episodes over and over. 15/06/2010 - Nothing like your own children to give you an ego boost. Apparently I dance like a dork.
18/06/2010 - has an emergency appointment with an oral surgeon. Sob Sob. I don't know what I'm more scared of, the extractions or the cost.
19/06/2010 - QOTD courtesty of Liam when caught dustbustering his bed. Me: What are you doing? Liam: I've got dustmites Mum. They told me on TV. LOL, I think someone has been watching Drytron adds.
19/06/2010 - WOW! Who would have thought that a 24 hour ban from the Wii would result in screaming, hysterically crying and throwing yourself on the floor. If it wasn't my child it would be comical.
20/06/2010 - LOL in typical Murphy's Law fashion I got an emergency oral surgeon appointment on Wednesday lunch time and my job interview is Wed 5pm.
21/06/2010 - is of the opinion that attempting to put foils in your own hair a few hours before a job interview is probably not a good idea.
22/06/2010 - is on a tram on Bridge road. Why? Because there was no way in hell that i was going to pay $54 for three hours parking
24/06/2010 - In a scene not too dissimilar from a recent Modern Family episode, I had to call the emergency services as my two year old was locked in the car. Luckily she eventually pressed the right button on the keys. That was up there with being the scariest five minutes of my life.
25/06/2010 - You know you are going to have a stellar day when you're sweeping up a truckload of Cheerios from the floor before 7am.
25/06/2010 - Ewwww. I just pulled a corn kernal out of Gigi's nose. The reason it is so ewww was because we haven't eaten corn for about 5 days. Bloody child.
28/06/2010 - Go shawty it's your birthday, we gon party like it's yo birthday I just got home from work. I've got a decaf coffee, a giant Caramello Koala and am watching Masterchef that I recorded earlier. Damn I party hardcore. Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes I've already received. ♥ x ♥
28/06/2010 - QOTD courtesy of Liam: Mummmm, I just farted on you. Hahahhahahhah Happy Birthday. Noice. *rolls eyes*
03/07/2010 - Tonight is the big fancy dress party. We have morphed into Donald Trump, Dolly Parton, Lloyd Christmas & Harry Dunne (Dumb & Dumber) and a duck. Photos to come later. LOL
06/07/2010 - can't believe she's going to the city wearing tracky pants and a grungy hoodie. LOL what a feral.
08/07/2010 - has the bestest husband eva! Not only does he think I look cute with a swollen and puffy face, but he set his alarm every four hours overnight just so he could get me more pain meds. Love you Brian Brodrick ♥
12/07/2010 - Is really enjoying her first day at work :)
24/07/2010 - OMFG I swear my 2 year old is going to be the death of me. She just walked into the room carrying a live white tail spider. Thank god she didn't get bitten.
24/07/2010 - is about to lash out and try to do her tax herself. What a great saturday night. LOL
29/07/2010 - has made it to loser status. i'm sittin alone in a crappy food court laughing at things on the net
05/08/2010 - Nooooooooooooooo. A 2 year old doesn't need to be changing her own outfit several times a day. I blame you Jacqui Singline Mooney. Your daughter is teaching mine bad habits. LOL
05/08/2010 - You know you're off to a brilliant start when #1 you realise that your husband took the car that you thought your were driving today and you can't pick up the other kids you were meant to and #2 your car doesn't have a car seat installed in it for the 5 year old so you need to run around and do this with 30 seconds to spare.
06/08/2010 - has gumboots in her washing machine. Makes for some interesting noises. 14/08/2010 - QOTD courtesy of Liam at the top of his voice in a packed food court: Mum why is your stomach so big when Imogen came out of it ages ago?
15/08/2010 - wishing a big Happy 6th Birthday to my my baby boy Jackasaurus
18/08/2010 - My days of being a parent of two six year olds are over. A big huge Happy 7th Birthday to Lip, Lip, Lipm. Happy Birthday Baby. xx
23/08/2010 - OMG I have the best husband ever. He bought me a new lap top :)
28/08/2010 - has tuned into a massive puta nerd. I'm sitting here with 2 linked up laptops and an external hard drive. And to add to the nerdyness, I've forgone the red wine in favour of coffee just so that I can concentrate.
04/09/2010 - is extremely jealous of Jacqui Singline Mooney since she's going to Ikea today and I'm going to work. *sob sob*
09/09/2010 - QOTD goes to Imogen today. She just brought me a pair of shoes she wanted to wear and when I put them on her she said "Mum look, Gigi is gorgeous." LOL - conceited much.
10/09/2010 - OMG Sun!!! I'm quickly putting some washing on the line before it's too late.
11/09/2010 - had completely forgotten about the power outages today...until the power went off. No power until 3pm.
11/09/2010 - is using having no power as an excuse to visit Ikea :)
17/09/2010 - Never in a million years did I think these words would pass my lips, much less my fingers but here goes nothing - Carn the Pies.
20/09/2010 - Seven minutes to get to work. I'm in heaven.
25/09/2010 - My husband can still amaze me after 17 years. He just did something I've never seen before - he moonwalked across the kitchen. Something he claims he's never done before and boy is he proud. Ahhh he's a nerd, but I <3 03/10/2010 - Put your hands up if your were glad that Kylee's laptop went flat half way through X Factor? LOL,
10/10/2010 - Crap, crap, crap. Imogen can now reach her bedroom door handle.
12/10/2010 - Bwhahahaha. I just tripped over my own feet in my hallway and landed right on my arse. At least the kids where entertained.
15/10/2010 - I saved this one for you Bess Beavis. QOTD yesterday goes to my niece Allyra: "My mum takes ages in the toilet cause she reads a magazine when she's doing a big poo" LMAO 21/10/2010 - is on her way to Rockpool for her anniversary dinner :)
21/10/2010 - Rockpool was awesome and hilarious all rolled into one. Let's just say you can tell we are Westies that don't get out to fancy places much LOL
22/10/2010 - My husband is a tv star. He was on Today Tonight tonight in a segment about BBQ's. LMAO
29/10/2010 - Today I have learnt why some mothers eat their young.
13/11/2010 - Seven year old boys are NOT fun.
16/11/2010 - QOTD courtesy of Jack (6): Mum, I love all my friends at school. So I'm gay". LOL Far out it's not easy to explain what gay is to a 6 year old.
22/11/2010 - is recovering from being the sickest she can ever remember and is vowing to NEVER eat seafood salad again.
04/12/2010 - QOTD courtesy of Liam: "I never do that, sometimes" LOL
04/12/2010 - Curly hair and humidity are NOT friends
08/12/2010 - Shit that was a close call. Almost set the smoke detector off cooking a chop LOL. Now we all know why Brian Brodrick does most of the cooking.
11/12/2010 - is dressed as a Transylvanian
13/12/2010 - cannot get a good photo of the kids together for my Christmas cards. I'm slowly running out of time. Tonight we'll try some photos at the park.
14/12/2010 - Thinks she should stop giving Jack nuforen. He's very annoying when he's pain free LOL
16/12/2010 - 's house is finally listed on YAY!!!
21/12/2010 - had the great idea of showing Gigi the Myer windows for the first time. That is until I saw that the line snaked all the way around on to Swanston street. So we went shoe shopping instead :)
23/12/2010 - Almost half way into a six hour pink and jimmy barnes marathon. i don't think i'll have a voice tomorrow.
26/12/2010 - had a very relaxing night. I ran myself a bath and watched the whole of Love Actually while soaking. I must say I'm very wrinkled now. LOL
30/12/2010 - is having a super bad hair day

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