Monday, August 16, 2010

Be my, be my baby

Be my little baby
Say you'll be my darling
Be my baby now
Ooh, ohh, ohh, oh

If looks could kill I would have withered on the spot as I sang this to my baby boy this morning. I was also indignantly informed "Mummmmmmmm, I'm not a baby".

Little does he know that I'll be singing this until I'm 6 feet under. He'll always be my baby boy - be it his 6th of 60th birthday.

Since he's insisted that I can't call him Boofy anymore, I want to wish a big huge fun filled 6th birthday to my baby boy, Jackasaurus.

Love you baby. xx

And yes for the EB police, it is candles stuck in ice cream. He doesn't like cake and this is what he wanted instead.

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