Friday, December 17, 2010

Some people are assholes

My vent is that at 2am a bunch of *not very nice people* decided that hanging on to a wheelie bin through their car window while flying down the street was an awesome idea. Yeah real awesome you *not nice people* when said bin slams into Brian's parked car.

So now he has taillights all broken on one side, back quarter panel dented and scratched and a chipped back window. The cowardly *not nice people took off. So now not only am I stuck paying excess after another *not nice person* who shouldn't have a license backed into my car in the work car park and took off, now we're paying excess on Brian's car as well.

Merry *Naughty In And Out Word* Christmas.

Oh and to add to my woes...I was paying off my oral surgeon $100 a month and decided just to pay it all and get it out of the way. So just yesterday I paid him $800. Great. That's $800 I could have paid towards the excess. AND, today I get a phone call from after school care saying that Jack has hit his face on another kid's head and has knocked one of his front tooth loose. Noice. Sigh. Lucky it's a baby tooth and he wasn't too distressed.

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