Friday, June 25, 2010

Ever had those life impersonating TV moments?

I have. This was this TV moment, just last week. (Sorry for the lame-o sound bite, but m unfortunately I can't get a video stream anywhere)

And this was mine, just today.

I was running a little later than usual to pick up the boys from school because I had to wake Imogen from her sleep. Having just woken up she was a major grumpy ass and had decided that she wasn't getting in the car. I let her hold on to my car keys just to stop her crying and to convince her to get into her carseat. PARENTING FAIL 1.

So I quickly shut her door, and as I'm running around to the other side of the car I hear the unmistakable electronic noise of all the car doors locking. Holy Shit! I run back to Imogen's door and here she is happy as Larry clicking the lock button on the keys over and over. Try as hard as I might no amount of instructing, begging and pleading would get her to press the other button. So I do what any normal person would do under the circumstances...start crying hysterically and call my husband rather than the emergency services. PARENTING FAIL 2. Of course the first thing he says is get off the phone and call 000.

So the 000 operator is great. Talks me through what's happened all the while I'm still trying to get Imogen to press the right button. I'm still crying the whole time. She tells me not to panic and the police, fire and ambulance are all on their way. DON'T PANIC??? I'm starting to think that the embarrassment of having a convoy of emergency services vehicles is almost equal to or greater than the panic of your child being locked in a car.

Suddenly I hear "click" and I grab the door handle and yank the door open. I'm yelling at the 000 operator "It's okay, it's okay. The door is open, she's fine." I thank her profusely while yanking Imogen out of her seat and into a ginormous bear hug. I'm still crying and Imogen's saying "Hi Mummy, Hi Mummy" totally oblivious to all that's been going on.

I just cannot believe that after laughing so hard at Modern Family last week, that I did this today. What an imbecile.

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