Friday, July 16, 2010

Sigh, not even one week in...

..and I already have a sick child.
Day 3 of creche
This morning went off much better. Imogen did cry when Brian left, but didn't scream. Just a little cry for about 5 minutes. Then for about the next hour asked for Daddy but was happy enough when told her was at work and would be there later. Big sigh of relief. 3pm she vomited. She's constipated again. I've known it's been building up. I've upped her fibre and her medication and was hoping that would be enough to help - but no. She's to the point where it's making her vomit. Creche's rule is 3 vomits and you're out - and strike 3 it was. So by 4pm of the Friday of my first week I'm hightailing it out the door.

I'm really loving this job. I'm enjoying myself. I'm loving being able to spend more time with Brian and the kids. I'm loving being able to sit on my rear at night and watch tv. But I'm still debating internally if I'm doing the right thing.

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