Friday, July 30, 2010

And I just when I thought 365 might be a fruitless effort

...I start working in Broadmeadows. If this isn't enough fodder to fill a blog, I don't know what is.

For the non Melbournians, let me give you a stellar example of Broadmeadows.

So lets start with some of the little things that have kept me amused in the last 3 days alone. Firstly lets start with Broady's own homecoming Queen, Miss Boobalicious. Now I'm trying to be as PC as possible when I say that Miss Boobalicious was someone who obviously didn't muck around with her food. She wore black knee high ugg boots, grey tracky pants that were loose fitting around the knees but tight enough across her ass for everyone in the vicinity to know that she prefers not to wear underwear and piece de resistance was her black very fitted t-shirt with the hot pink slogan "Boobalicious" across the front (hence the moniker).

Then there are the number plates in the carpark. There is some very funny shit to be be found there. I did do a little snort at this one yesterday TH3 MAN If that's how you think you show your masculinity, you're doing it all wrong. The other thing that struck me as amusing is that THE MAN must already be taken. So really, you're not the man at all.

And the last funny for the day I tried to catch on film. I couldn't get any clearer than this without looking like I was trying to case the car or something.

The text on it says "PROTECTING US FROM THE EVIL" Now I hate to break it to the owners of this gem, but it's going to take a hell of a lot more than a sticker and some faith to keep your car from being stolen from the Broady carpark after nine at night.

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