Thursday, July 8, 2010

I really should be sleeping

But instead I've decided to have a bash at my poor neglected blog. Which I will probably regret since I'm drugged to the eyeballs and for some stupid reason still in pain, hence the not being able to sleep.

So today is surgery day + 1. (For anyone who has not read my incessant whinging and whining on FB lately, I had my 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed).

As much as I'm feeling like shit, I'm a lot better than I expected I would be. The swelling is only minimal and I can't see any bruising yet. I can feel it, so I know it's coming, but so far nothing. According to the discharge paperwork the peak of the swelling is mean to be day 3. Bring it on. I just want it over and done with.

And as much as I've been complimenting my lovely husband on FB, he is still annoying. I don't need to be told again about the wisdom teeth removal you watched on You Tube. I have had one taken out when I was awake. I know what tools they use, I know how it sounds. That's why I had a general this time. Shut up about it already.

Tomorrow I'm going to make some time to backdate a few posts with pics, so be on the lookout for the newbies.

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