Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is this the longest pregnancy in the world or what?

This time I saw a different OB again.

For some reason my file had been misplaced (aparently they were still waiting for it to come up from records where they think it was after my physio appointment yesterday), so all they had was the record book that I carry. I had to go through and explain my history all over again.

I explained everything that happened with my physio yesterday and she seemed not worried at all. Infact she didn't really say anything.

My blood pressure was great, no protein in my urine, no swelling. Weirdest thing that happened was that my fundal height was only 45cm when last week it was 49cms. It hasn't been at 45cms for weeks. She double checked it again and said that it was definitely only 45cms. I was starting to think what the hell??? but it's a GOOD thing. What it means is that the baby has dropped right down and is now fully engaged. (Which is what I thought anyway because since Saturday my bum has felt like it wants to explode)

But no mention of induction even though last week I was told they wouldn't let me go over 40 weeks. So of course I wasn't going to let my chance of induction walk away. So I asked about it and was told:

"We don't induce due to hypertension. We don't induce due to pelvic instability. We don't induce do to abdominal separation. But since you have a combination of the three, you may be a candidate. Let me check."

As soon as she left the room I knew there was no chance because I knew the person she would have to consult would be the OB that I usually see (the guy that's the head of obstetrics). So of course she comes back and says that he said "no medical reason for the induction".

It took a major effort not to cry right there and then.

So I have another appointment booked for next wednesday when I'll be 40 weeks and 2 days. That's when they'll talk induction.

The only good news that I got out of today is that she thinks that there is no way that I'll still be pregnant next Wednesday.

So that's my sook for the day.

No actually - no I lie. My day did get worse.

I got my hair cut and it's horrid. It looks like an old lady cut and I'm really pissed off. All I wanted was for all my layers to be cut as they had grown way too long and I couldn't wear my hair out anymore. Now I've basically got a bloody fringe after taking ages to grow it out. Grrrr...really pisses me off that hairdressers think they know your hair better than you do.


  1. Oh honey, you're so close to the end, no wonder everything seems enormous. Just think - you will have a new baby this time next week, you can hang in there!

    I'm so sorry to hear of the abdominal separation, it sounds horrid! Make sure you do all the resting and stuff you were told to. I'm sure Brian and the boys can look after you (for a change!).

    Ands ((((hugs)))) re the haircut, I know it feels like the last straw. Can you do something like put your fringe in funky little plaits or something with coloured ribbon so you like it instead of hate it?

    We are all thinking of you,

  2. Hi Kylee!
    If that princess is fully engaged, now's the time to seduce Brian, and chase up some of the other induction methods! Fresh Pineapple, I forget the other's...
    Waiting with baited breath to hear from you!