Thursday, April 3, 2008

37 week OB appointment

After all the complaining I do about this OB he was great today even though he wouldn't give me and induction date (where is a pouting smiley when you need one?).

His reasons being that being induced raises the likelihood of intervention and the chances of an emergency caesar are just so much higher. In his words - since both myself and the baby are doing so well, he can't see the point.

I do understand his reasoning, but my stomach is crazily huge and it's so difficult to do anything now.

Enough whinging, anyway as for the rest of my visit:
  • He looked at my ultrasound results and said that if I do go full term he would expect that the baby will be around a 10lber.
  • He offered me a caesar, to which I explained I want to avoid. He was fine with that.
  • He has agreed to clamp my tubes at the same time should I end up having a caesar.
  • Due to how big and hard my stomach is he couldn't even tell if the baby is still head down, so I was lucky enough to have a quick squiz at her on the portable ultrasound.
  • I got my internal (well 2 actually since he had a trainee Dr with him and he asked if I minded if he had a feel as well). I'm 1cm dilated, cervix is 3cms long and soft, and I'm 2/5 engaged.
  • He doesn't think I'll go over my due date and thinks that the baby will be born within the next 2 weeks.

So in a nutshell that's it. Surprisingly I'm not anywhere near as disappointed at not getting the induction that I thought I'd be.

So tonight I figure I might as well try as many natural induction methods as I can if my cervix is already favourable. I've been doing some research on all the different methods and I try them all (well all except castor oil) if need be.


  1. Hi Kylee
    I stumbled across your blog by accident and have enjoyed reading it. I have a question though... why do you want to have your baby before her due date? Isn't it more logical and better for her to carry her full term?
    Good luck with everything

  2. Hey Emma,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yeah you're right it is beneficial for the baby to be born at full term. I'm just a sook and I'm just over it. I think I was expecting it as my last child I was induced because of his size, so I just assumed they'd do the same. I'm not that upset about it - but at the same time I'd be over the moon if I naturally went into labour anytime now.
    I'm off to hunt down your blog now. LOL.