Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby B finally has a bedroom

And not a moment too late considering she's due today.
Seriously we are going to be so, so screwed if she is infact a he.

This is what her room looked like this morning:

From the doorway:

From next to the cot:

From the wardrobe:


  1. My you have been a busy bee today.. you have done a brilliant job, her room looks wonderful..



  2. I love her room it looks beautiful and your right it would want to be a girl or that's going to be one girly boy. No matter with two rough nuts for brothers it would be a surprise if she ended up girly anyway. I always said Allyra stood no chance but not because of Deakyn rather because her mother is me! Seriously though I cant wait for Allyra to finally have a girl to play with. I'm big time excited! Come on baby give your mum a break and get out of there!

    Love Aunty Bess xx