Saturday, March 15, 2008

You know it's going to be a great day when....

I got up and got the kids their cereal at about 6am this morning and I climbed back into bed secure in the knowledge that Dora & Diego were on so the kids were going to happily eat and watch tv.

By this stage Brian was already in the shower so I knew he'd be getting ready for work soon so the kids couldn't really get into anything. *Sigh* If only I knew.

Brian woke me at 7am telling me that he's got to go to work and he doesn't have time to clean up and something about eggs. I was still pretty out of it so I didn't really pay too much attention. As he walked out the door the kids came and jumped into bed with me and watched TV while I dozed off and on for another hour or so.

When I finally got up the kids ran down to the lounge and I went to the loo. Liam comes into the ensuite tellling me he's got egg on his hands. Egg? What do you mean egg? I look at his hands and sure enough they're covered in egg white.

So I head down to the lounge only to find this huge monstrosity:

Apparently the excuse for breaking up the eggs everywhere:

"We were making you breakfast."

How can I be angry at that?


  1. lol.. i hope you didnt disappoint them! was your breakfast yum?


  2. hahahahahaahahahahahahahah.... ur boys are priceless.. honestly thats the funniest thing ever! eggs everywhere ahah!.. did they try and put eggs in the egg cutter... ahahahahah lmao.. i love jack n liam!!! they are awesome!

    love jane

  3. OMG, you could have at least cooked it for them first!!!!

    Do they even like eggs???

    LOL & Lots of Love,