Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You gotta love, love, love IKEA- well sometimes

When are men going to learn that the woman is ALWAYS right??

This morning I announced that I'd love to go to Ikea to have a look at some storage ideas for the kids rooms. Now my plan was since Brian wanted to get his hair cut and Liam was at Kinder in the morning, that the best thing to do would be to go tomorrow. That was Liam was in Kinder in the afternoon and we'd only have to manage one child there. But noooooooo, Brian was insistent that the boys would be fine. Even after I reminded him about our last nightmare trip there, he still was convinced that the boys could be controlled.


So we picked up Liam at 12.30 and headed off planning to have lunch as soon as we got there. Of course the whole 35min drive all we heard was "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty".

Then we get to the car park and before Liam even gets out of the car he starts throwing the tantrum from hell as one of his shoes is hurting his foot so he wants to wear his shoes on the wrong feet. After 5 minutes of arguing just so I can look at his foot, I found he had a cut on there. So instead we went to K-mart first to buy him some more comfortable shoes (all the while looking like Westy ferals due to Liam not wearing shoes at all). I have to say that K-mart was a bargain though - we got him some Spiderman light up sandals that for some reason were marked Clearance $1. LOL What a bargain.

So we finally make it to Ikea and head straight for the restaurant. Kids food was great. For $3.95 they got chicken strips, chips, peas, carrots, an apple and a soft drink. How cheap is that??? But since my kids have strange eating habits they picked at a few chips then both ate the apples only.

Then the real nightmare begins. All the boys wanted to do was run, roll on the floor, touch everything within (and sometimes not within) reach, punch each other, trip each other over, and push each other into furniture. Seriously it was probably the naughtiest that I have ever seen them. Brian was gobsmacked at how naughty they were.

It got to the point where we were just hurrying to get the hell out of there and get back to the car.

But all in all, I did get some good stuff:
Fitted cot sheets on clearance - 2 sheets for $5
Storage containers with lids that have a hinge on them and are angled so the kids can get stuff out without taking the whole lid off
Hanging basket type things for the boys walls
Little step thingy so the boys can reach to wash their hands in the bathroom

So moral of this story - MEN LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE (or make sure the child minding area at Ikea is not booked)


  1. Next time you take ME (the IKEA junkie) and leave the kids at HOME with their FATHER!! lol
    Jac xx

  2. I'm just gona stop askin you about the kids from now on hey.