Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time to come clean

Rather than stress my poor grandmother out, I thought I should come clean about what was going on over the last weekend and few days after.

I was going to keep quiet rather than worry anyone, but it seems my grandmother's intuition is a force not to be reckoned with (she called me on Monday night and again on Tuesday as she was very worried about me).

Last Friday afternoon I was having what I'm pretty sure were contractions for 5 hours. They definitely were not Braxton Hicks since I have been getting them for ages, these were painful and started at the top of my stomach and went into a band around my back. They were erratic and not progressing at all so I didn't even bother calling the hospital. They eventually died off and I went to bed.

On Saturday I had no contractions but a feeling like that constant dull ache you get on the first day of your period. I just passed it off as being residual pain from the contractions the day before. Come Saturday night though I realised that I hadn't really felt the baby move much. Normally at night she's a party animal but she was still really quiet. So I went to bed to see if she would start jumping around (as she usually does when I try to sleep).

Sunday morning still the same pain and baby still really quiet. So I called the hospital around lunch time and they told me to come in and be monitored. That afternoon I had my baby shower and I really didn't want to cancel it (I know, I know - it was stupid), so I told a little white lie to the midwife. I told her that Brian was working and I would be in at about 7pm and she was happy with that.

So we got there just before 7pm. The OB I saw was really nice and not dismissive at all. She was very thorough - Had a CTG, an ultrasound and an internal. She said everything seemed to be ok, but I had to go back on Monday for another CTG and she wanted me to bring in my results from my last ultrasound.

So on the Monday I ended up being hooked up to a CTG for 3 hours. While I was having the CTG I had some contractions and the baby's heartrate would drop every time I had one. By the end of the 3 hours they were happy that it was just another false alarm.

Now I've been told that if I feel anything at all, I have to go straight back in.

I'm really hoping this baby gets a little more comfortable and stays inside a little big longer.

Today is now Thursday and everything has been going along fine since then. No more contractions and the baby is back to being a party animal. Lets hope it stays this way for a few more weeks at least.

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