Sunday, March 16, 2008

Counting down to my child free day tomorrow

Anyone want and 3 & 4 y/o - free to a good (no actually any) home.

Seriously I'm ready to shoot either myself or them. Because of this heat, they can only play outside either early in the morning, or just before bedtime - so they are driving me nuts and doing REALLY naughty stuff.

I went to the loo before and no word of a lie, I was in the bathroom for a maximum of 5 minutes. Before I went I'd given them a slice of chocolate cake each that a girlfriend had brought over. By the time I came out they had crumbled it up and seriously thrown it all over the lounge room floor. I just don't understand why they'd do something like that. (apart from throwing it, it's chocolate mud cake - what's wrong with them??)

So now they've been sent to their room for some quiet time and are lying on their beds watching a DVD.

Lets just see how long the peace lasts.


  1. Lol Kylee - you should have kept the mud cake for yourself!


  2. OMG I think that I probably would have licked it off the floor!!
    Jac xx