Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update on 35 week OB visit

Well I'm going to start by saying that I need to rehash some old stuff that's happened so that this makes some sort of sense.

After my OB appointment today I left feeling really confused, upset and not really having much faith in my OB.

Admittedly I was pretty hormonal today and stressed after having to take the boys to the appointment with me and having to try to control a 3 & 4 y/o for almost 2 hours. So maybe I am over-reacting.

Since I'm a patient through a public hosptial so I don't have a choice of who I see. That said though, I'm in the high risk group and end up seeing the same OB each visit. From what I've been told this guy is the head of Obstetrics at the hospital.

This is some of the things that have happened in the past with him:
- Asks the same questions over in the one visit (as in like he's forgotten he's already asked)
- Can't find the stethoscope which is bright red and hanging in his face
- Starts a conversation then drifts off into something completely different
- Unwilling to answer questions unless pressed
- Wrote in my book that he heard babies heart rate when he didn't (when using a stethoscope couldn't find it, so asked me if I was happy that the baby was still moving around)
- Seems unconcerned that I'm measuring so many weeks ahead

I have in the past rang and spoken to a midwife the next day as I was a little upset with some of these things. This is when I found out he is the head of Obstetrics.

So today this is what happens:
- When I get there he goes to me, I'm not sure if I've seen you before (ummm this is my 6th visit with him and my file is sitting in front of him)
- I told him that since my last visit I'd had to come in 2 days in a row for monitoring (the results are in both my VMR (which is a record book that the patient carries) and my file - but he just goes "Well I guess everything is ok since you're here now" without even looking at either)
- My fundal height is measuring 42 weeks (I'm 35 weeks) and he just goes "Hmmm the baby is big"
- After feeling around he can't tell if the baby is head down. I told him that when I was getting monitored last week both the OB and midwife had said the baby was head down. He basically ignored that and said that he might send me downstairs for an ultrasound. I told him that in a previous visit he'd requested one at 36 weeks anyway. He asked if I knew why??? So I told him that he'd done so because he wanted to get a sizing scan done. (Which I assume would have been in my notes)
- He told me to book my next visit in 2 weeks. I was surprised and said "Oh I thought I would have been on weekly visits now" He said that I wouldn't be on weekly visits until closer to the end of the pregnancy. Well since my last two were born at 37 & 38 weeks (which again is something we've spoken about before and is again in my file), how much closer to the end can I get????

So now I don't even know how to describe how I'm feeling. I had a huge cry to Brian and he wants me to complain, but as I said to him the OB is covering all the basics I guess, so I don't really know what more I want or what else really should be going on.

After crying for about 2 hours about this whole thing yesterday I feel much better today. Hopefully this baby comes sooner rather than later and I don't have to keep seeing this guy.


  1. That guy is a total dick head, no wonder you chucked a teary I would have too. Maybe you should ring the hospital again and say all your concerns. Is there anyone else that you could see aside from him. He maybe the head ob but clearly he has a screw loose and needs to retire. I would seriously consider changing people even if you do only have a few weeks to go. Big hugs sis, xx

  2. I don't think you are over reacting at all!! If you have seen him at least 6 times and he can't remember you.. He must either have a really bad memory or that he see's too many people but after 6 times?? What a moron! Or it could be that he has a screw loose!!
    I don't think that the doc's/ Ob's make enough notes. Cos even when we went in on Thursday last week the doc I saw had no Idea he was meant to be booking me in for an induction???
    Well I hope that your next app is better and same with the U/S.

  3. Oh Kylee, that OB sounds like a complete jerk. I'd see if you can see someone else asap, what if something really needs attention and this guy just overlooks it?

    Hang in there sweetie, the end is in sight, soon you'll have a precious little baby.