Sunday, February 22, 2015

{2015 Challenge} No fried food Feb

Three weeks down on the no fried food challenge and I have to say I'm impressed by how easy it was. Note the past tense...WAS.

Everything was going hunky dory. I managed to survive 2 Fish and Chip Friday's relatively unscathed. I even was the one who picked up dinner on the way home. With no one in the car I could've easily snaffled some chips and no one would know, but no. I grabbed a roast chicken and ate it with a salad...and enjoyed it I might add. 

But then this week happened. I worked a few long days, I ran around on my day off and didn't really relax at all. I was just exhausted and I caved.

I picked up one of those bargain packs of 24 KFC nuggets for $10 and some chips and potato cakes for the family. I had no ideas on what I was going to eat. Not planning had let me down. In a last minute attempt at salvation, I got myself some coleslaw from KFC and ate it with a whole 2 nuggets. Yep that's it. Two. But it's two too many. 

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. After all, this was never meant to be a diet but more a lifestyle change of sorts. And to be honest, I've enjoyed eating the chicken and salad. I've enjoyed making better choices all round. I've taken lunch to work every day this week and have been eating more fruit and drinking more water. 

So I've moved on and here's to a new week. 

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