Sunday, February 1, 2015

The late Claytons New Years Resolution

Every year, like almost everyone else in the world, I make the same lame new years resolutions. You know the ones:

  • Lose weight
  • Walk every day
  • Drink more water
  • Drink less alcohol
I'm rolling my eyes at them to be honest because I know that come maybe March-ish I've already completely wiped them from my mind. So this year I've opted for a different tact. This year again it's about setting myself some goals but in smaller time frames and things to really make me think about my lifestyle and the effects it has on my family  in general.

This is my challenge:

Yeah, yeah I know January is missing but as a general rule January is a write off in our household - we have school holidays, holiday program, both the husband and I work long hours in retail and to add to this year we've been stressed out about my mother in laws recent cancer diagnosis. So yeah, January - no go. As for the other months, here's a run down of what they mean.

  • No fried food February - pretty self explanatory I figure. If we eat out or have takeaway, no chips etc for me. This is a tough one as I will admit to being a chipaholic. 
  • Meal planning March - again, a no brainer - Write a meal plan...use it.
  • All about the water April - When I think water, I think *blerk. Anyone who knows me knows I can't stand water - to the point that I have been known to gag trying to drink it. So I'm setting myself the challenge (note I said challenge and not goal LOL) to drink 2Ls of water daily for the month.
  • Make the bed May - again pretty obvious what this means. Yep, I'm a lazy bitch who very rarely will make my bed (okay only if I have a day off work). So I'm teaching my kids some standards, and will be pushing this one on them too.
  • Just eat it June - Breakfast that is. I eat breakfast almost as often as I make my bed, so this is a hard one for me. But I know it's better for me. I know it'll kick start my already shit metabolism.
  • July just sleeping - Out of all the monthly challenges, I think this one will probably be the hardest for me to overcome. Essentially what it means, is no screen time in bed - no mobile phone, no laptop, no TV - nothing. KILL ME NOW!
  • Affirmation August - It's all about the positive affirmations...daily. Not just your twee, I'll put this shit on Instagram and everyone will like it - but ones that actually mean something to me.
  • Sleepy September - For the love of God Kylee, get some sleep! 10.30pm on a work night is my curfew. No books, no nothing. It's 10.30 lights out. 
  • Only home made October - It's time to make the effort to make my own lunches. I make the kids, I even make Brian's but usually run out of time do my own. No excuses this month.
  • No Grinch November - I was once the Queen of Christmas - everything organised, Christmas cards all written and ready to go, all decorations sorted and ready to go out come Dec 1 but the last few years due to poor time management and really just the can't be bothered factor it hasn't really gone to plan. So this November Christmas is getting set up and ready to roll.
  • Demanding December - Ahhh December, why you be soooo busy? With Christmas parties, family birthdays, extended trading hours, trying to juggle Christmas between broken families December becomes one great jumble of running from one place to another. Well not this year. This year it's all about time management and prioritising a work / life balance. 
So with no further adieu, I bring you:

Wish me luck because OMG how bloody good do those chips look?

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