Monday, March 2, 2015

{2015 Challenge} Meal Plan March

So that's one month done and dusted of my 2015 challenges. 

Feb was tough - No fried food. 

I really didn't realise how tough it would be because if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it properly.  I had to endure two Fridays of the the husband and kids eating fish and chips in front of me. I survived with my roast chicken and salad - and I actually enjoyed it. There was so many things that I just didn't think about. I went out for dinner and the pasta dish sounded great - nope - pan FRIED gnocchi. So second choice, Nasi Goreng - NOPE - essentially FRIED rice. I even did a Maccas breakfast run and almost ate a hash brown before my brain kicked in (I blame the lack of coffee that morning). I was pretty proud of the fact that I threw the hash brown out without a single bite. 

So all in all I will admit to one digression - I ate two KFC nuggets. Yes, it was bad. Yes, I'm disappointed that I couldn't control myself for a measly four weeks but that doesn't take away from all of the willpower I showed earlier. And you know what, the whole point of the challenge was lifestyle change and what I got out of it is that I enjoyed not eating so much grease. Friday night fish and chips begone...well's all about moderation.

Moving on to March - It's all about 
Now I'm not crazy. There is no way in hell that I'd be able to meal plan for a whole Month in advance, so I'm going week by week. The whole point of the Meal Planning challenge was to stop all those daily trips to the supermarket. We are not big grocery shoppers - we usually fly by the seat of our pants on deciding on the day what we are having. (Actually I lie - the current house rule set by the kids in Monday Mexican and Wednesday Spaghetti. I can work with them). We spend way too much on groceries this way - it's just too easy to make impulse buys. We are still going to have to get the basics like milk and bread every 2-3 days but at least it's better than going to the supermarket DAILY. 

So welcome to March and Mexican Monday's menu this week as referenced by the above photo - Chilli Con Carne. 

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