Friday, January 27, 2012

A photo a day - That was a close call

Kyoto Facade

When Brian and I where deciding on house plans, we where having trouble picking the facade. One that we quite liked on paper was the Kyoto.

It had the attraction of a large balcony, but we where a bit iffy on the overall finish. The main problem was that there where no double story houses on display with that facade. Some single stories that looked okayish, but without the balcony we couldn't really get the idea so we dropped that facade.
Mossman Facade

We realised just recently that in the William's Landing estate that there are a few Oxfords with the Kyoto facade. So we did a bit of sneaky cam action (as you do), and here is the result. While this one looks okay, I don't love it and am so glad we went with the the Mossman.

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