Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kylee gets her bitch on

I really don't understand what the hell is wrong with people.

This morning I was driving to work and came across a little girl who was no more than four, at a guess, walking alone along a main road in her pyjamas. I watched her in my rear view mirror to see if her parents appeared, but no. Because it was a divided road, I had to drive away to a roundabout and turn around, drive past her on the other side of the road and come back around another roundabout to get to her. Once I stopped my car, she ran back in the direction she came from and into a park. So again, I had to do another circuit and drove around the park to follow her to make sure sure was okay.  

She ran into a court, and slowed to a walk. She didn't seem scared anymore just happily walking along. I stopped my car, got out and asked her where her Mummy and Daddy where. She turned and pointed to a house. At the same time a woman came out the front and called to her. The woman looked relieved, like she'd been looking for her but not realising she was outside. I asked if it was her little girl and told her that she was out walking down the main road. The woman was upset and thanked me for looking out for her. She said she thought she'd been playing inside and couldn't find her.

So I suppose this is where you all think I get my bitch on? Damn parents right? Some people don't deserve kids right? *Bzzzzzt* No.  This could happen to anyone in the blink of an eye. I know people it has happened to. What makes me angry is the blatant disregard for this little girl. This was a very busy road. I would guess that in the time it took me to do two laps of the street and catch up to this girl in the park that at least forty cars would have passed her. I didn't see even one slow down, let alone stop to see if she was okay. Granted people may have called the police, I don't know. But not one person other than me stopped. This just completely blows me away.

Every single day I see on my Facebook wall such and such just read this news story, such and such has posted a link to a news story about a murder/disappearance/amber alert and a billion people comment on how horrific and tragic it is. But how many people are really willing to put their money where there mouth is? How many of you would have even noticed her on the street? How many of you would have been just too busy to stop? Hell I was busy, I was on my way to work. As it was I only just managed to open the store on time but had she not been able to show me her parents house I would have sat with her waiting for the police. Some things take precedence over our busy lives. It makes me feel ill to think that she could have been the next child that someone was posting on Facebook about. Anything could have happened to her.

Shame on all those drivers who turned a blind eye. I only hope that it's not their child that ends up in this situation.

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