Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something to talk about 3

Courtesy of Melissa from The Things I'd Tell You, here is this weeks Something to talk about:  
“List things you are curious about. What do you want to learn? If you could go back and study anything you want (can be more than one thing), what would you choose? Are there any skills you wish you had that you don't? Dream big. Tell me all of the things you wish you could do, all of the things you wish you could learn about. ”

I want to learn how to sew. I mean really sew so that I can go and make all the pretties myself. Think of all those gorgeous little skirts and dresses I could make.
Forensics. Not so much the crime scenes or crimes themselves, but more the mechanics of the scene is worked, how the evidence is collected, how the evidence is read. And then the psychology of it.

Visual Merchandising. You know how some people just have the knack of putting things together, like clothing, jewellery, interior decorating, shop merchandising.  Yeah well I don't have that knack. I just wish I did.

And last but not least, photography. I would so love to get right into photography. Get a good camera. Do some courses. I drive my family nuts with my endless photo taking. I think they'd kill me if I actually did a photography course.

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