Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's just like riding a bike

What's that old saying? "It's just like riding a bike. You never forget."
But what if you never learnt? What if you where seven and you never learnt? What if every year you where asked if you wanted Santa to bring you a bike and you always said no? What if you where scooter obsessed and refused to even entertain the idea of a bike? No more what if's. Last Christmas "Santa" decided that it's every boys rite of passage to have a bike and damn it, you and your brother where getting one whether you like it or not.

So after much convincing we finally got you on the bike.
Day 1: Training wheels on

Day 2: Going for broke (no training wheels)

Ok I will admit I got a little teary to see him pick it up so well. I'm so proud of him. Jack on the other hand won't have a bar of it. The bike, I think, is just a tiny bit too big for him. Hopefully he'll come around soon.

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