Friday, January 7, 2011

Ways in which to scare the shit out of yourself

Say you where sitting at the kitchen bench typing away on your laptop when out of the corner of your eye you see movement right next to the door you are sitting at. It's moving quickly, low to the ground, it's beady eyes stare at you through the wire. What do you do?

OMG, OMG it's a mother f-ing snake you yell and in your mad scramble you forget that you are separated by not only a big glass door but also a security screen as you practically fall backwards off the stool you where seated on in your panic to get away from this thing.

Then as your children come running to see what all the noise is about, you come to your senses and realise it's not snake, but a lizard. A blue tongue one at that. He's cute too, but damn fast. Before I could get any really good pics (thank god my camera was actually on the bench) he dashed off into our bushes and we couldn't find him again.

This is what I saw through my window. Now tell me you wouldn't shit your pants.

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