Saturday, June 26, 2010

Whoo hoooo!! Kid free lunch

Today I caught up with Linsday for what was meant to be lunch at at Westfield. I say what was meant to be lunch because by the time we met, wandered, ate and coffeed (if that's even a word) we'd been there for 5 hours. The only catalyst for going home was that Brian was taking the kids to the movies. I had a brilliant day for two reasons. Not only was it great to catch up but to wander around a shopping centre and eat lunch without hearing "Mummmm, can I have this?", "Mummmmmmmmm, can you buy that?", "Mummmmm I'm hungry" and Mummmmmmmmmmm, I want a drink" was euphoric.

So when I finally got home, Brian pretty much hightailed it out the door with the boys to get to the movies leaving Gigi and I up to our own devices. So while cuddling together on the couch I notice something hanging out of her nose. I grab a tissue thinking it's just snot only to pull something kind of oval and yellow out of her nose. I'm looking at it trying to work out what it is and I'm thinking it looks kind of like the inside of a corn kernal. Hmmm, we haven't eaten corn for maybe 4ish days so now I'm paranoid thinking "OMG, she's had corn stuck up her nose for days". So now I'm wondering where the outside of the corn kernel is. I ended up having to put the poor thing in a head lock to stop her struggling so I could so and yep there was something else in there. No amount of trying to get her to blow her nose was budging this thing so back into the headlock with a pair of tweezers was the only remedy. Thank God for tweezers is all I can say. And that piece of corn was bloody huge too. Bloody child and stuffing things up her nose. Hopefully this phase stops soon.

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