Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A visit to the tooth fairy

Or fairy godmother, or the taker away of my pain - in Layman's terms, the Dental Surgeon.

So I walked in not knowing what to expect. Yes the Dentist seemed to recoil in horror after looking in my mouth, so I figured it would be bad.

But what I wasn't anticipating was "I'll remove all 4 wisdom teeth under a general anaesthetic. Possibly one of your molars as well - I'll have a proper look at it once the wisdom is out. I'm not going to lie about the pain. Your wisdom teeth are probably some of the worst impacted I've seen and are not only severly decayed, but very close to your jaw bone. Your recovery will be bad - you'll be very bruised and in a lot of pain. I have a vacancy tomorrow at 2pm. Do you want it?"

WTF?????? Um no. I don't want it tomorrow. Yes, I want to be pain free but I can't just pull three grand out of my ass - sorry. Well that's what I wanted to say. Instead I said, can you give me a week. And so it is. And I'm bloody shitting my pants.

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