Monday, June 28, 2010

Qutting before you've even started

Today was interview number three with Pumpkin Patch. This time with the Regional Manager. He seemed really pleasant and easy going - would be a nice person to work with I think. Without blowing my trumpet too much, the interview went brilliantly and I'm pretty sure I'll get a job out of it.

So in light of that tomorrow was meant to be my first official day with 1st Choice Liquor. I say official day as I've been doing online inductions over the weekend. Can I categorically state that online inductions suck. Considering that I've been a retail trainer for the last 6ish years, answering some of those questions was ridiculous. The way they were worded meant you could have given more than one answer to a multiple choice question so I kept failing the bastards. I was ready to bash the bloody computer in the end. I was thinking if I'm that bloody frustrated and I know the answers off the top of my head, how the hell where people less experienced meant to answer them. I don't know - maybe I've been thinking too much into them.

So after pissing myself off trying to answer these questions and having a brilliant interview at Pumpkin Patch I started toying with the idea that maybe I really don't want this 1st Choice job. By the time Brian had come home from work I was fully convinced that no, I don't want to work for 1st Choice even if I don't get the other job. So decision made - I've quit 1st Choice before I've even started.

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