Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally I present...

Imogen's bedroom.

The only thing that is missing is wall art. Not sure what I want to do though.

This is looking slightly left from her bedroom doors.

To the left side of her room. I'm not looking forward to her going into a single bed. Will mean a heap of furniture rearranging.

Oh and yes I'm lazy. I have all the drawer handles, but just haven't put them on yet.

This is standing at the window looking back towards her doors.

Yes that's a tiaraed little head you can see in the foreground.

Looking rightish from her bedroom door. Imogen's room doubles as my study. The expedit is used as a divider.

Behind this door is my desk. I thought it best not to take a picture of it rather than have the mess assault you eyeballs.

Oh and the boxes on the floor are not usually there. I am generally tidy.

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